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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Joel 3

All those nations will be punished for scattering and casting lots upon LORD's people.
Joel 3:3 They cast lots for my people
    and traded boys for prostitutes;
    they sold girls for wine to drink.
LORD warns those nations that He will retaliate against those who have mistreated His people, and looted His gold and silver. Tyre, Sidon and Philsta are the nations referred here. He tells them to prepare for war by beating their plowshares into swords and their pruning hooks into spears.

The winepress is full, the vats overflow; such is their wickedness - so great. The day of the LORD is near. The sun and the moon will turn dark, the LORD will roar, but He will protect His people,

He will share His abundant blessings with His people. The land will be fertile and rich, flowing with wine, milk and water. 

Joel 2

Prophet Joel is warning people about the day of LORD's judgement. The day of the LORD is coming – a day of darkness and gloominess, like the morning clouds spread over the mountains. A fiery, destroying nation is arriving. If the onward attack of locusts is devastating, inexorable, and irresistible, who can endure LORD's judgement.

However, there is good news - nobody needs to endure LORD's judgement, if they are willing to repent, turn towards LORD and ask for His mercy.
Joel 2:12 “Even now,” declares the LORD,
    “return to me with all your heart,
    with fasting and weeping and mourning.”
Our LORD is gracious, merciful, and slow to anger. The LORD will be zealous for His land, and pity His people, removing the northern army to a barren and desolate land. He says that you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied.

The LORD is willing to pour out His Holy Spirit upon all flesh, and many will prophesy and see visions. Blood, fire and pillars of smoke will be seen; the sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the LORD.

Those who calls upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.
Joel 2:32 And everyone who calls
    on the name of the LORD will be saved;
for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
    there will be deliverance,
    as the LORD has said,
even among the survivors
    whom the LORD calls.

My Thoughts
On that dreadful day of LORD's judgement, He will bring tragedy upon those who have failed to repent of their sins.

Sin simply cannot enter His presence, and He has to find a way to keep it away - hence we cannot blame LORD for His judgement. For those willing to repent, LORD responds to them by compassion and offers to help and save them from their shame.

LORD is always willing and ready to pour out His Holy Spirit upon us - all we need to do is be that 'vessel' to receive it. 

Joel 1

Prophet Joel speaks about a devastating plague of locusts that destroyed the land of Judah. He is speaking of present time devastation - chewing, swarming, crawling, and consuming.

When the locust grows rapidly, what the chewing locust left, the swarming locust has eaten; what the swarming locust left, the crawling locust has eaten; and what the crawling locust left, the consuming locust has eaten.

Joel calls up to those who are busy drinking as the nation of locust has laid waste the vine.
Joel 1:5 Wake up, you drunkards, and weep!
    Wail, all you drinkers of wine;
wail because of the new wine,
    for it has been snatched from your lips.
All has withered, and Judah must lament like a virgin girded with sackcloth for the husband of her youth. There is almost nothing for people or for them to offer to the God. Food and joy has been cut off, and everyone is starving. Even the animals are suffering in the drought.

Prophet Joel calls for a national day of prayer.
Joel 1:14 Declare a holy fast;
    call a sacred assembly.
Summon the elders
    and all who live in the land
to the house of the LORD your God,
    and cry out to the LORD.
He encourages everyone to repent and pray.

My Thoughts
When disaster strikes, the one and only way out is to devote ourselves to the LORD in prayer and fasting. LORD always means good for us. We have to seek His purpose and meaning in that disaster.