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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is here

Summer is gone, and fall this year's fall begins today, Sept 22nd at 10:49 AM on the east coast. Starting today, the temperature will start dropping and days tend to be shorter.

The old weather proverb says, "If autumn leaves are slow to fall, then prepare for a cold winter."

It's now time to pull out jackets from the closet and change our blankets. I would also stock some hot coca drinks to enjoy with marshmallows. Last week on a shopping trip, I noticed stores started stocking Christmas items - 2012 is almost over now.

Couple of my friends have taken a trip to the smokey mountains and they said they could see the leaves changing color. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009


While everyone was busy saving their valuables, so was this guy too - wife and numerous beer cans!!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rains in Atlanta

While the rains have been pouring down hard, several parts of Metro Atlanta still remains under water.  There are over 100 roads that remain closed in Cobb County, where we live. We were advised to stay at home if possible - that's what I am doing today.

Governor Purdue has announced school holiday for several counties today, and he's popular among many kids.  Seems that it's mostly kids who are having fun with all the water around.  If you see some danger around you, make note of the phone numbers below.  Be brave to call and ask for help if required.

- Down trees, call (404) 817-6813

- Flooding, call (404) 658-6500

- Power outages, call 1-888-891-0938.

- Watershed for flooding emergencies, call 404-954-6340

We turned on our home TV after quite some time to watch news related to the floods.  The last time I watched TV was when President Obama was swearing in.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hurricane Season 2009

On Jun 1st, this year's atlantic hurricane season officially began. It ends on Nov 30th. People are now paying closer attention to these hurricanes after the devastation by hurricane Katrina in 2005.

This year, we are supposed to receive 11 tropical storms including 5 hurricanes. Two of these hurricanes are expected to develop into major storms of category 3 or higher with winds above 110 MPH. The forecasters expect a 48% chance of a major hurricane hitting the US coast.

This year is supposed to be a quiter year compared to last year, where we saw 16 tropical storms including 8 hurricanes.

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Credits: Colorado State University Forecast Team