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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Class on Apr 25

We had a full class today.

Anabella presented her character for our CARS project.  I have not compiled the grades yet - need to compile Alex's and Anabella's grades.  Check back later to view the grades.

Today you heard me talk about 'Stand up for what's right... even if you stand alone'.  This concludes my lecture.

Next Sunday, we will have our final exam. You do not have to study anything for the exam; you already have studied it all during our class lectures - just bring your brain to the class and you should be able to do well on the exam.

See you next Sunday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Class on Apr 18

In our last class, we were in a bit relaxed mode.  Alex presented Elijah for the CARS project and you all graded it.  Anabella could not come to class due to some domestic problems.  Sherine and Sherlyne did not show up since their mom was not feeling well.

You did not have anything to to other than to relax and listen to the 'Shroud of Turn'.  It was interesting to note that all of you had read up on it prior to the class and had the basic knowledge.  Therefore, my task was easier than I anticipated.

While discussing general topics, one of you brought up the topic about General Body meeting going on inside the sanctuary and the requirement about confession.  Then, we discussed the importance of Holy Confession, how seriously you should part take in it, Holy Confession being one of the Sacraments.  

During early days of Christianity, confession was done in public where one would read out the list of sins to the entire congregation.  Later, this practice was changed to a more private mode.  During my childhood days, I had to go through Holy Confession in order to receive Holy Qurbana on Sundays.  I remember those days when all my fellow friends would look at me in awe whenever I received Holy Qurbana.  It was not done very often, but on such occasions a person was considered to be purified of all sins.  Holy Confession is essentially spiritual cleansing and is part of Jesus Christ's healing ministry.  It has to be administered with proper respect.  

One of you mentioned in class that confession was required to be present in the general body.  You even asked me whether it was ok to go for confession for the sake of general body.  I liked that question.  I do not blame you for even having such a thought. If that's what has gotten into your mind, after observing elders, let me explain my views on it.  

There was speculation that in our last Sunday's general body, there would be voting during elections.  Voting happens when there is more than one person for a particular post.  Few candidates came forward to serve our parish and wanted to make sure they won this elections.  Our new bylaw signed by Thirumeni arrived last week and in one section it talks about the eligibility for a member to sit in the general body.  The exact phrase is as follows: 

"The Parish Assembly of St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Atlanta shall be the supreme forum of the Parish and shall consist of all eligible men and women who are 21 [twenty one] years old or above, Confess and receive Holy Qurbana (Holy Communion) at least once a year subject to limitations as defined by this document elsewhere."

Now, with the arrival of the new bylaws someone decided to start that 'one year period' at of some random date. There was a hurry to implement the newly arrived bylaw and this was the very first item on their list.  In order to win suitable votes (in case of voting), people were requested to go through the confession channel to secure their seats inside the general body hall. I was also asked by more than couple of people to go confess in order to get my name in the confession register, but my consciousness did not agree to that; further, I had our Sunday school class to take care of.  At the end of the class, I was happy that you asked me that question and I was able to answer that.

In a nutshell, going through confession without actually having the proper repentance is similar to undergoing a brain surgery when there is no defect on your brain.  It would do harm rather than blessings.  Confession when done with proper repentance can fetch you blessings.  

One story that comes to my mind about confession goes like this: during confession, one man said to the priest, "Father, I stole a rope".  The priest mentioned what to do in order to compensate for his sin.  But what the man failed to mention was that there was a cow at the end of the rope.

Who knows, at the rate at which we are getting westernized, soon we may have drive thru confession, something that resembles the video below:  


Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 18th

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday school break for last few weeks.  We are in our last leg of wrapping up the Sunday school year.  You must be excited that soon you all are going to be in the 11th Grade Class.  From there, into the 12th Grade class, and finally - No more Sunday school!!

Coming back to our current 10th grade class,

On April 18th, we will have rest of our CARS project presentation. We shall also discuss the Shroud of Turin and related info.

For our class on April 25th, details here.

On May 2nd, we are supposed to have our final exams.  In our classes on April 18th and 25th, we shall discuss about our final exams.  I want all of you to move on to the next class, and do not plan to hold back anybody.  You will certainly be able to do well in the exams if you follow instructions that are given out on April 18th and 25th.


Monday, March 22, 2010

CARS - revised grades

I had a second look at the grades you gave your fellow students.  Hmm - you all are pretty strict when it comes to grades.  As a result, the highest is 84.86%.  The CARS project is the one and only homework/project I initiated for our class, this school year, and you cooperated well with me.  I am quite satisfied with your performance and am glad that you learned something new about a Biblical character.

As a teacher's bonus, I am awarding additional 10% to all your grades for the CARS project.  The revised grades are as follows.

Joseph Joy = 81.25%
James Joy = 92.5%
Rony Jacob = 90.14%
Sherlyne Sam = 91.25%
Alina Thomas = 92.78%
Merlyn Thomas = 91.39%
Sherine Sam = 81.81%
Amal Punnoose = 94.86%.

Let's wait and see how Anabella and Alex perform.


CARS Grade

Here is the grade your peers gave you for our CARS project.  Grades are out of 100.

Joseph Joy = 71.25%
James Joy = 82.5%
Rony Jacob = 80.14%
Sherlyne Sam = 81.25%
Alina Thomas = 82.78%
Merlyn Thomas = 81.39%
Sherine Sam = 71.81%
Amal Punnoose = 84.86%. 

Good work, class.  

Anabella Jacks and Alex Thomas will present in our next class, after Easter.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Correction on twins

A small correction about an earlier post with regards to CARS project

Sherlyne Sam presented St. Paul
Sherine Sam presented Mary Madeline.


Second Chance

During our next class, let's give Anabella Jacks and Alex Thomas a second chance to present their CARS project.  

Since Anabella had let me know earlier, let's not penalize her.  Alex will have to pay a small penalty for not presenting it today.  

Class on Mar 21 2010

Today in class you presented your Bible Character for our CARS project.  You came prepared to present your research topic.  Some of you wore costumes while presenting your character.  Amal had a power point presentation along with his costume to deliver his part.  Anabella could not make it today since she did not have ride today.

The following characters were presented:

Joseph Joy - Joseph
Alex Thomas - Did not present
James Joy - James
Amal Punnoose - St. Stephen
Rony Jacob - Isaiah
Sherine Sam - St. Paul
Alina Thomas - Ruth
Anabella Jacks - Did not present
Merlyn Thomas - Esther
Sherlyne Sam - Mary Madeline

The grading was done by the rest of the class on the following items:
Relevance & Costume
Clarity of presentation
Interesting fact presented
Something new that you learned during this research.

I have not compiled your grades yet - shall post it soon.  James Joy took pictures of your presentation and is going to mail it to us.

We had a fun time during our Easter treat yesterday.  All of you showed up on time, and we reached there on time despite heavy traffic.  It was nice to hear that you enjoyed our outing.  James Joy took some pictures of our outing and he said he will email it to our group.

We will not have Sunday school next Sunday due to Palm Sunday.  The following Sunday is Easter and we will not have class on that Sunday either.  The week after Easter, you have spring break.  Most of the schools have tests/exams this week, before your spring break.  Do well on your tests and enjoy your spring break.

Days till Easter = 13.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

CARS guidelines

Just as we discussed in the class about CARS project, here is a high level summary of what you can do next Sunday.  You will have about 5 minutes to present your character.  The guidelines below should give you an indication of what to say.

1.  An introduction about the character.
2.  Indicate whether your character is from Old/New Testament.
3.  Mention what you character is known for, in the Bible.
4.  Say at least one thing you liked about this character.
5.  Present some interesting fact(s) that you learned newly about your character, during this research.

You are free to dress up as this character.  The rest of our class will be grading you on your character and presentation; not me.

If your character is say, a male character, and you are a female, you could receive additional points for taking the effort for dressing up.  If you think you need time to dress up after Church, you could use the restroom adjacent to our class to do so.  If you run into any technical difficulties, do let me know and I can make suitable arrangements.

As always, email me with your concerns/questions.  I will find a way out.

The intention of this project is to learn something new about a Bible Character and to share your findings with the rest of the class.

Good luck. 


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plans for Mar 14

For tomorrow's class, I am preparing to go over Orthodoxy with you.  Let's plan on meeting in our class and later we shall proceed to the Sanctuary to look at the symbols in there. A new addition inside the sanctuary is the Golgotha and we shall discuss it's significance as well.  

We will talk about CARS project, and related work.  Turn in those library books that you borrowed from me.  

For the symposium on Mar 21st, there are no participants from our class and I did let the concerned people know about it.  

BRS # 7 is posted online.  It's not that hard this time.  

For our Easter Treat, I have arranged transportation - a van with a driver to show up at Church campus by 2:30 PM on March 20th.  Let's meet at Church and go from there.  The cost per head is working out at $17.75, and I shall be collecting your contributions starting tomorrow.  

Talent competition is slated for Saturday, April 10th.  So far, I have not had any participants from our class.  I   will be out of town on that day.  If you are participating, do let me know and I shall pass your name(s) to those organizers.  Good Luck in advance to those participating.  


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 28

We shall cover the following topics in class tomorrow:

1.  The Road Ahead - let's look at how we can utilize the remainder of the Sunday school classes.
2.  Project CARS - look at where we are, and what's remaining.
3.  Discuss about grading - final grades for the class, attendance, BRS etc.

There is going to be a Symposium to be held on Mar 21 at church.  Our class is supposed to give names of those interested.  Anybody willing and interested, do let me know and I shall direct you to the right person.

Remember, we talked about discussing the 'Shroud of Turin'.  I have another interesting topic to squeeze in as well - its about the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'. I am thinking about a short movie on that day (no popcorns please).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two links

I consciously did not mention anything nor remind you about Project CARS in class today. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see the following students' email in my mailbox.  This clearly demonstrates your dedication, diligence, interest and readiness about the project.  So far, I received links from these students below.

Alina Thomas
Amal Punnoose
Merlyn Thomas
Sherine Sam 

Thank you, Alina, Amal, Merlyn and Sherine - I shall get back to you at the earliest with my remarks.  I am really glad to see your enthusiasm.

Others - I look forward to receiving your two links about your character.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Class on Feb 14

We had a full class today.  In class we talked about Old and New Testament.  We had a glance at the main characters in both these testaments.  We refreshed those major stories that make up the old testament.  Due to time constraints, we could not dive into the New Testament.  Hopefully you got some familiarity with the subject.  You may now continue doing project CARS.

By next Sunday, send me two links that you think are suitable to do your project.  I shall take a look at them and let you know.

Alex has decided to do Prophet Elijah. With this, we have everybody covered.

Take good care of the books you borrowed from me, about the prophets and saints.  They are library books and I have to return them.  Please don't put me in trouble by damaging or losing those books.

The prayers and BRS were given out today as well.

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine's day.

See you next Sunday.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Class on Feb 14

For our next class, we are going to take a detour from our regular course.  We are going to learn some fundamental principles about Christianity, the Bible, and refresh all that you learned in Sunday school until last year.  Until then, we are going to put Project CARS on hold.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Deliverables in Feb

Here are the deliverables for Project CARS for the month of Feb:

Feb 21 - Finalize Resource Material
Feb 28 - Brief Summary of your character.

I was able to get one more book for Project CARS from the library.  This is about the saints, and you may have to share this. Let me know, if you need to borrow it.

When I did a random search online, there was adequate material for you to do your research.  If you did not get a book, then the online material will suffice.  The problem with online material is that there is a plethora of information out there and it's quite easy to get lost without a clue where to navigate.

If you did not get a book, here is what I want you to do:
Send me two links (only 2) that you think will be helpful in completing your project.  Once I take a look at it, you will limit your research to these two sites only.  The deadline for this will be Feb 21.

For this week, there are no deliverables, as we are still collecting data.  But on Feb 28, you will be required to write a summary of what you learned so far.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

CARS - Characters

We have kicked off our Project CARS.

The next deliverable due for the project is below:

Sunday, Feb 7th - Pick a biblical character you want to represent.

Most of you have picked a character.  The list includes:

Rony - Isaiah
Amal - St. Stephen
James - James
Joseph - Beltazar
Sherine - Mary Magdeline
Merlyn - Esther
Alina - Ruth
Sherlyne - St. Paul
Anabella - Undecided
Alex - Undecided

Today morning I went to the library looking for some books for you to refer, and could lay my hands on couple of the characters.  You may borrow these books from me to complete the project.  I will keep looking if other libraries have pertinent books on our characters.  Meanwhile, check your local library if you can get some reading material.  If not, internet is a great resource for you at your fingertips.