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Friday, July 18, 2014

Back to the Bible

A new project is on the horizon - 'Back to the Bible' and have decided to embark on it. The intent of this journey is to learn little bit more about the Holy Bible and therefor improve any chances for that 'Pilgrimage to Heaven'.

Studying the Holy Scripture is to harness the greatest power in the universe - i.e., to align our attention with the infinite power of creation. It can be an incredibly powerful life altering experience. The urge to be part of that heavenly experience has to come from within, and cannot be forced. Those who have tasted it once and are interested in learning the word of God to derive that incredible power are already doing so. 

Cutting out that religious babble, in plain words, the idea is to hopefully understand little bit more about the Holy Bible, learn few additional things here and there, and to get grounded in my own Christian faith. 

This time around there will be no emails sent, encouraging others to read the Holy Scriptures - many are spared, or call them saved! Everyone can see and read what's posted here, in case they ever find a need for it. Not that I am expecting a huge crowd to follow me on this "extremely boring" & "un-cool" journey. This exercise, which has no rewards to many on earth whatsoever, is to pick few additional "biblical nuggets" for that -future Pilgrimage to Heaven. 

Am a spiritually weak person and am fully aware of my limitations. The amount of energy and blessings required to complete such a task is enormous - which has to come from above. It is that 'golden key' which I currently do not possess and am eagerly waiting for. 

Start date? Let's say, second half of August (tentatively). 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Halfway through the Bible

Sandwiched between the shortest and longest pslam is the center of the entire Bible - Psalm 118. And can you believe - we just got half way through the Bible.

Wow - what an astounding journey this has been, so far. The Bible has been the best book I ever read. This is no ordinary book, and as a reader, I can feel the divine presence. There is so much mystery surrounding it. The beauty is that the mystery will be revealed to those who set forth towards seeking the truth. LORD opens the doors of His gates to all those who seek Him. 

It has been truly rewarding and I thank LORD for walking me through the Bible. 

As far as you guys who read my blog - thank you for giving me company. I have a good feeling that we will get there on time. The LORD is with us on this journey and we are learning His word. On the way, it is only natural to encounter evil forces who will try to slow us down.

Just yesterday when I came out for lunch, I saw people putting up Christmas decorations outside, on the streets. It gave me great joy to see those lights. We should complete our travel through Old Testament by Christmas, and get ready to celebrate the birthday of our hero and role model - Jesus Christ.

True that we are not alone - the LORD is with us and let Him lead our journey. 

Have a blessed Friday. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Some more modifications

Dear Readers,

We are making some minor adjustments to our guided tour and few modifications to our site. I am dropping few sections including Inspirational, Humor, Heaven etc.. The reality is that I have burdened myself and made promises which I cannot keep (for now).  I need to stay focused on the Guided Tour without further distraction.

About Heaven - the topic resonates well after we have read the Book of Revelation. Therefore, it makes logical sense to look at "Heaven" in that order. I hope you understand and agree with me.

For now, for those of you who have free time, I encourage you to read a book, "Heaven is for Real." This is a little boy's astounding story of his trip to Heaven and back. It was a 2010 New York Times best-selling Christian book. The book is currently being adapted into a movie. The filming began in July 2013 and the film has a release date of April 16, 2014.

I encourage you to read this book. Check your library - it may have a copy. For those who are unable to find a copy, please feel free to reach me, and I will help you out. The book is written in a simple language. All of us at home enjoyed reading it. The prologue is posted under the Heaven Section.

There is another version of the same book - Heaven is for Real for Kids. I have not read that particular one. The original book itself was simple enough for kids to understand. Further it is a short book that can be read on a Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Added few additional pages

Have you noticed those additional pages that we've put up out there since past few days? You probably saw it already.

However, for some reason, if you've been in a hurry or paying intense attention to the reading material, chances are, you may have missed it.

This is one of my other experimentation.

Home - our regular page where usual material will be found.

Guided Tour - page intended to provide a summary for each book. Say, if someone wants to read the book of 2 Samuel, then the reader will have to search thru all those archive folders and dig it up. Instead, the idea is to provide a summary page with all links (handy) at one place. How to shape this is still a confusion for me. Any bright ideas?

Daily Bible Reading - An online bible, pointing to the day's scripture reading.

Inspirations - Daily inspirational verse or image. Unlike others, the contents here will keep changing everyday and we cannot go back and read an old one. Idea is to read and enjoy. If it stays in your mind, that's fantastic.

Humor - same as above; keeps changing and is not being saved.

You are most welcome to mail me any content you think is appropriate.

Shhhh... something is still cooking in my mind... and should start appearing as a page on our blog soon. Without letting the cat out of the bag, I can say this much - it is about making an extraordinary trip, to the most wonderful and exciting place, in this whole wide universe.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Progress So far..

So far, we've completed 12 books of the Bible:
  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy
  6. Joshua
  7. Judges
  8. Ruth
  9. 1 Samuel
  10. 2 Samuel
  11. 1 Kings
  12. 2 Kings
We also crossed the '10,000 verse' mark while in 2 Kings.

In terms of statistics. we are at:
36.38% of Chapters,
44.29% of Verses

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Few modifications on our blog

Dear Readers,

To further improve your reading experience, while on the 'Guided Tour of the Holy Bible,' we now have added couple of gadgets on our site.

One is to look up a word or passage in the Bible, without having to leave this page.

The second is the actual scripture itself, and I will program it everyday so that it points to (and begins at) the exact chapter and verse pertaining to that day - hence all you have to do is read and scroll. I have set NIV as the default version, which I follow. You are free to navigate to other versions of your taste and convenience. Font size can be changed as well. I was told it remembers where you left off after your last read - have not tired it out yet.

Finally, we also made provision to quote bible in our text without having to leave the passage. It's using a tool called RefTagger, which allows us to instantly view a Bible passage by hovering our mouse over a Bible reference. Even here, I have set it up for the NIV.

Example: Genesis 2:18, Joshua 24:24, John 4:6.

------------------------------------------------BIBLE READING--------------------------------------------

WARNING: Some of the actions performed in this book are dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals familiar with the action in question.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
Include this form on your page

Credits:, and

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Intro to Old Testament

Dear Family and Friends, 

Let's look at the Old Testament at a high level. Most of us know these, as part of our Sunday school lesson, and is just a recap. 

Organization of Old Testament:
The Old Testament is a library of Jewish writings. As a canon, it is collection of books that passed the test of authenticity and authority. Further, it also means that these books that we are about to learn, are the very rule of life - both in this world and the next. Our Old Testament, written over about 1500 years, contains 39 books, and is grouped into 3 groups: 

- The Pentateuch
- The Prophets
- The Writings

The Pentateuch, also referred as 'The Law', is made up of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. 

The Prophets contain writings of former prophets such as Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings. Major Prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Further, another twelve prophets have made contribution. 

The Writings contain Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ruth, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles. 

History of Old Testament:
Brief history on the history itself: 
Moses wrote the Pentateuch -> The Pentateuch was put into the Ark of the Covenant -> Other inspired books added to Ark of the Covenant -> King David put books in treasury -> Books were looked after by priests -> More books were added during Hezekiah -> Jewish exile, and scripture is scattered -> Ezra restored scripture and added last books -> Scripture stored in Ark constructed for second temple -> Scripture copied meticulously to be preserved -> Printed into Holy Bible. 

Tour of Old Testament:
During our tour of the Old Testament, we will just follow the order in which the books appear in our Bible - i.e., Genesis to Malachi. However, during the tour of New Testament, we will take a slightly different approach. We will not visit the birth of Jesus four times and nor will we witness His crucifixion four times - how it appears in those first four gospels. Instead, we will tour New Testament in the chronological order - as the story unfolds. That's the major difference difference between our OT and NT guided tour. 

First of all, please read the summary I compile. Next you can read the scripture all by yourself. I request you to ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and heart to receive His word, before you start reading the scripture. The reason is because we believe that the Holy Spirit inspired few men to put God's words into writing. The mind and the will of these human authors were somehow influenced by God to write what was written without taking away the author’s own will or ability to write or power to express things in his own way for the people for whom he was writing; God guided these authors in their choice of what writing was to be included in the final version of the Bible available to us. Now, we need the help of the same Holy Spirit to interpret and understand what God really meant. 

In the coming days, if for some reason, you find the Old Testament hard to understand, please remember this allegory. The Bible contains a wealth of information - similar to a goldmine. If we were told the exact location of a goldmine, we would not be just walking in, expecting nuggets to be scattered around, and start picking up those gold nuggets. Instead, we have to dig harder and deeper to arrive at the treasure. Once we are willing to dig harder and deeper, we arrive at the yellow metal and the reward is immense and has incredibly valuable. This principle holds good for anything and everything in life. So, stick around and work a bit harder than you did earlier - results will start appearing soon. One of the many divine qualities of the Bible is that it does not yield it's secrets to the irreverent and the censorious. 

Starting tomorrow, we will begin taking a dive into the actual book of Genesis. Keep your Bible near you and stay tuned. The specific area for tomorrow is from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 5:32. 

Thank you,
Jacob Cherian

Additional Reading 1---------------------
Chapters and Verses:
The Bible was not originally written in the current form, with chapters and verses. Since it was a large book, readers had to scan through the entire book in order to arrive at a particular passage. To resolve this, the Archbishop of Canterbury introduced the concept of 'chapters' in 1226. Later in 1551, a French printer divided these chapters into 'verses'. Today, all of us, we refer to a passage within the Scripture using the book, chapter and verse to arrive at the exact location. 

Additional Reading 2--------------------- 
Apocrypha meaning 'hidden' or 'secret' contains 14 books and 11 of them, accepted by the Catholic Church was contained in the original version of King James. We will not cover the books of Apocrypha as part of our Old Testament tour - we will look at them at the very end. 

Additional Reading 3--------------------- 
Few interesting facts:
It's quite popular that the middle verse in the Bible is Psalms 118:8, which reads, "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."
A physician once place dying patients upon a scale to measure the weight of human soul. 
A computer program was written to count the verses and words contained in the 1611 King James Bible. 
Lightning struck a church during a sermon, soon after preacher identified thunder as 'The voice of God'. 
The shortest OT verse is 1 Chronicles 1:25, which reads, "Eber, Peleg, Reu"
The shortest chapter, as we all know, is Psalms 117 (now, that's what I call inspiration). 

Why Study the Bible

Dear Family and Friends, 

Let's look at why study the Bible today. 

How nice and convenient it would have been, if God presented His words to us in the form of a video file and uploaded it to youtube. Instead, He gave us a thick book filled with all necessary information for us to read and understand. He did this for a reason. I am sure most of you will agree that the 'trip of reading a book' versus 'watching the movie' is totally different - typically, the movie is a big disappointment, for those who read the book. Six times in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus asked different people, "Have you not read?" Knowing Jesus, we can be assured that He will pose the exact question, when we come face-to-face one day. 

Origin of the Bible: 
For most part of the human journey, the Bible was on scrolls and parchments, written by hand even during middle ages. Further, people were not literate enough to read its contents, or even afford it. Until the invention of the printing press, Bible could not be mass produced. Those who wanted to learn the word of God either had no access nor the literacy to understand the scripture. We should consider to be extremely fortunate in that regard, but seldom see it as a blessing. During middle ages, those skilled at art were commissioned to capture Biblical images on canvas and as a result, we see numerous paintings related to the life of Jesus Christ. As Bible gained circulation with time, we saw the decline in art. 

Top reason for not reading the Bible: 
The number 1 reason for not reading the Bible is because we cannot understand it. As stated earlier, the Bible is full of ancient history, genealogies, instructions for priests and kings, bizarre-sounding visions and there is hardly anything which is meaningful to the reader. Just because it is a sacred book, and majority of us are unaware of it's content - we opt to maintain silence and keep the book closed. The New Testament seems bit easier to understand - but most of us stop at the 4th Gospel. This time, let's sit tight and cross that hurdle. 

How to read the Bible:
Treat the Bible differently. Consider it as a Father's long letter to you - explaining how you came into existence. Most of us, we maintain an album or scrap book about the growth cycle of our own children. Keep Jesus in view throughout your study. Let the Bible show you the glory and love of God, and as you discover it, your love for Him will bubble-up - I guarantee it! You are not doing God a favor by reading and studying the Bible. We humans tend to feel guilty of missing some days of Bible reading and think God is unpleased. For those on the guided tour, you will see how Mighty of a God we have, how much we are being eternally loved & accepted by our Father, and how much He blesses us every single moment despite our faults. People who have completed the Bible stick to a reading plan. In our guided tour, we have a plan and let's stick to that plan - with the blessing from above, we should reach our goal on time. 

Why Study the Bible? 
Studying the Bible will make us a better individual in every respect. You can still continue in your current profession and become superlative. The Bible can change your way of thinking and your outlook towards the world and other human beings, elevating you to be better citizens (Christians) - both in front of God as well as your own consciousness. Teachers can become more informed, parents can see the love of God and treat children better, businessmen can learn few new traits of human character and conduct better business... and the list goes on and on. Allow the Bible to serve you as a guiding lamp for your feet, in the profession of your choice. 

May the Force be with you!

Thank you,
Jacob Cherian

--------------------------------- Additional Reading 1 ----------------------------------

The Bible story in 300 words
In the beginning, the all-powerful, God created the universe. This God created human beings in His image to live joyfully in His presence, in humble submission to His gracious authority. But man rebelled against God and in consequence, must suffer the punishment of his rebellion: physical death and the wrath of God.

Thankfully, God initiated a rescue plan, which began with His choosing the nation of Israel to display His glory in a fallen world. The Old Testament describes how God acted mightily on Israel’s behalf, rescuing His people from slavery and then giving them His holy law. But God’s people failed to rightly reflect the glory of God. 

Then, in the fullness of time, God sent His one and only Son – Jesus Christ to renew the world and restore His people. Jesus, as a man, perfectly obeyed the law given to Israel. Though innocent, He suffered the consequences of human rebellion by His death on a cross. But three days later, God raised Him from the dead.

Now the church of Jesus Christ was commissioned by God to take the news of Christ’s work to the world – described in New Testament. Empowered by God’s Spirit, the church calls all people everywhere to repent of sin and to trust in Christ alone for our forgiveness. Repentance and faith restores our relationship with God and results in a life of ongoing transformation.

The Bible promises that Jesus Christ will return to this earth as the conquering King. Only those who live in repentant faith in Christ will escape God’s judgment and live joyfully in God’s presence for all eternity. God’s message is the same for all of us, “My children, repent and believe, before it is too late; lead a life filled with wisdom and righteousness – for, I Love You Dearly.” 

--------------------------------- Additional Reading 2 ----------------------------------

Bible in America Today
The most recent survey conducted by American Bible Society in April 2013 showed the Bible is still firmly rooted in American soil. 
88 percent of respondents said they own a Bible, 
80 percent think the Bible is sacred, 
61 percent wish they read the Bible more, and 
The average household has 4.4 Bibles
Almost a third of respondents said moral decline was a result of people not reading the Bible. 

--------------------------------- Additional Reading 3 ----------------------------------

Evolution of present day Bible
Without going much into the evolution history, read for yourself how the most popular verse, John 3:16, took it's current form. It will speak for itself, the need for refining the Bible. 

995 AD - Anglo-Saxon Proto-English Manuscripts: “God lufode middan-eard swa, dat he seade his an-cennedan sunu, dat nan ne forweorde de on hine gely ac habbe dat ece lif."

1380 AD - Wycliff: "for god loued so the world; that he gaf his oon bigetun sone, that eche man that bileueth in him perisch not: but haue euerlastynge liif,"

1534 AD - Tyndale: "For God so loveth the worlde, that he hath geven his only sonne, that none that beleve in him, shuld perisshe: but shuld have everlastinge lyfe."

1539 AD - Great Bible: "For God so loued the worlde, that he gaue his only begotten sonne, that whosoeuer beleueth in him, shulde not perisshe, but haue euerlasting lyfe."

1560 AD - Geneva: "For God so loueth the world, that he hath geuen his only begotten Sonne: that none that beleue in him, should peryshe, but haue euerlasting lyfe."

1582 AD - Rheims: "For so God loued the vvorld, that he gaue his only-begotten sonne: that euery one that beleeueth in him, perish not, but may haue life euerlasting"

1611 AD - King James Version 1st Edition: "For God so loued the world, that he gaue his only begotten Sonne: that whosoeuer beleeueth in him, should not perish, but haue euerlasting life."

2011 AD - New International Version (NIV): "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Who is God

Dear Family and Friends: 

Man's thirst to know (more) about God is not new - it existed ever since mankind was created. And man wanted to learn more about God - only to be equivalent to God. 

Myself being a human being cannot possibly explain about Almighty God. However, for the sake of today's tour, we are going to use the definition of God contained in the Bible - creator of the universe (matter, energy, space, and time). God is the self-existent One, having no need of being created by anyone because He existed for ever. 

God lives forever:
When we talk about 'forever', we are referring to the dimension of time. God is not subject to the time dimension. There are several Biblical verses which indicate that God Himself created the time dimension. Pay attention to the letters in bold.

No, we speak of God's secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began. (1 Corinthians 2:7)
This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time (2 Timothy 1:9)
The hope of eternal life, which God... promised before the beginning of time (Titus 1:2)
To the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all timeand now and forever. Amen. (Jude 1:25) 

Plato, the great philosopher talks about the time dimension: 
'Time, accordingly, was created along with the heavens; in order that, coming into being together, they might also be together dissolved, if ever their dissolution should take place.'

There are couple of theories that say that if anyone exists outside the time dimension, He need not be created by anyone. When time dimension is not applicable to someone, or if that person could travel in two dimensions of time, then that individual can go into the future, and into the past - literally everywhere at the same time. We humans travel only in one dimension of time, be only at one place and cannot go backwards in time. 

Therefore, God lives outside time dimension and the laws of time are not applicable to Him. 

God's image: 
Again, it is impossible for me to paint the image of God. Unless God Himself reveals His image to us, we will not be able to see Him. This is even true with ourselves - our friends know about us, so much to the extend what we have revealed about ourselves (to them). With our limited understanding, let's attempt to understand God's image. 

We learn from the scripture that man was created in God's image. This is not merely the physical image. Bible never says that God looks like a grown up physical male with while beard. It is just the likeness in which He created man and woman, as in Genesis 1:27: "God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."

Spirituality: Jesus is the only one who traveled from Heavens and came down to earth (from the other world). His account of God is, "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth." - John 4:24. Therefore the first attribute we can use to define God is His spirituality. The spirit itself is not visible to naked eye. In Hebrew and Greek, the spirit refers to wind or breath. In Genesis 2:7 we can see God breathing life (providing spirit) to man. Next, when we search for truth, we arrive at God Himself. Scroll below to read an excerpt on God and Truth by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Love: In 1 John 4:8 we read, "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." This is the next attribute. Many religions do not speak about God's love at all. However, in Christianity, that is the central message which we hear all the time, being preached by Jesus during His ministry. Love for fellow humans and for the entire universe falls under this category. 

Freewill: God delegated freewill to humans and certainly has that executive power in His control. He did not create us as robots and gave us the choice to pick between right and wrong. He has the power to do what He likes, and nobody can ever question Him whatsoever. 

Pure and Holy: Among other characters, there are several such as Goodness, Justice, Purity and Righteousness. Pay attention to the word Righteousness - it is a word containing solid meaning and we will talk a lot about it during our tour. For now, just know that righteousness is related to being right and justice. God's righteousness is supreme. 

There were encounters with God which will will see later during our tour. Let us talk more about it at that time. 

What God cannot do: 
There are just couple of things which God cannot do. 

Sin - He does not sin. 
Lie - He does not lie and always speaks the Truth and nothing but the Truth. 

Our God - shared among religions: 
The God we pray to, is the very God Jews and Muslims pray to. Christianity originated from Jewish religion and followed the same God. Unlike other religions like Hinduism, we have only one God. That is why whenever we write about our God, we write God with with an uppercase G. If there are several gods, like the Greek, we use lowercase g to write god. In the Hebrew Bible, it is written as YHWH and pronounced as Yahweh or even Jehovah. In early days, there was a problem using the word YHWH (see below for more details). 

In the Bible, during our tour, you will notice God written in couple of ways - LORD (all in uppercase - in Old Testament) or Lord (with just L uppercase). When the translation came from Hebrew Bible, which referred the Hebrew word for Jehovah, it uses LORD in all capitals. When it came from the Hebrew word Adonai or Greek word Kurios, it is represented as Lord (L uppercase). 

Where to find God:
The quest to find God is a very old story. The best place to find God is within ourselves, in the midst of truth. 

What does God want me to do:
God wants us to attain perfection by leading a sinless life. The why and how are contained in those most sacred texts - The Holy Bible. Since you are part of this guided tour, may this lead to finding your own purpose in life. 

In short, God is the BIG BOSS of the entire universe, and the MOST LOVING FATHER one can ever have. 

Thank you,
Jacob Cherian. 

--- Extra reading on YHWH -------------

According to Jewish teachings, the Ten Commandments forbid anyone to misuse the name of Yahweh, stating:

“You shall not misuse the name of Yahweh your God, for Yahweh will not hold anyone who misuses his name guiltless.” (Exodus. 20:7; and Deuteronomy 5:11).  so that no one could even get close to breaking them, they ruled that no one should speak the name of the Yahweh ever. The only exception to this was during one feast day of the year when the priest would intone the actual name Yahweh once during the liturgy.

This prohibition on saying “Yahweh” created a problem for people reading the Bible out loud in synagogue liturgies. Since the name of Yahweh was freely used in the Scripture texts, how were they to read the Bible out loud? The solution they came up was to say the word 'Adonai' - the Hebrew word for 'my lord' and later the Greek word 'kurios'. Since many of the New Testament writers were Jewish, they used 'kurios' in their writings. 

----Extra Reading: About God and Truth by Mahatma Gandhi-----------------

THERE IS an indefinable mysterious Power that pervades everything. I feel it, though I do not see it. It is this unseen Power which makes itself felt and yet defies all proof, because it is so unlike all that I perceive through my senses. It transcends the senses. But it is possible to reason out the existence of God to a limited extent.

I do dimly perceive that whilst everything around me is ever changing, ever-dying, there is underlying all that change a Living Power that is changeless, that holds all together, that creates, dissolves, and re-creates. That informing Power or Spirit is God. And since nothing else I see merely through the senses can or will persist, He alone is.

And is this Power benevolent or malevolent? I see it as purely benevolent. For I can see, that in the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists. Hence I gather that God is Life, Truth, Light. He is Love. He is the Supreme Good.

I confess… that I have no argument to convince… through reason. Faith transcends reason. All I can advise… is not to attempt the impossible. I cannot account for the existence of evil by any rational method. To want to do so is to be co-equal with God. I am, therefore, humble enough to recognize evil as such; and I call God long-suffering and patient precisely because He permits evil in the world. I know that He has no evil in Him and yet if there is evil, He is the author of it and yet untouched by it.

I know, too, that I shall never know God if I do not wrestle with and against evil even at the cost of life itself. I am fortified in the belief by my own humble and limited experience. The purer I try to become the nearer to God I feel myself to be. How much more should I be near to Him when my faith is not a mere apology, as it is today, but has become as immovable as the Himalayas and as white and bright as the snows on their peaks?

- Mahatma Gandhi on 11-10-1928

----------------------------------Extra: Popular paintings of God---------------------

God the Father 1779

God the Father (1779) - Pompeo Girolamo Batoni

Michaelangelo painting of God
God by Michaelangelo

Creation by Michaelangelo

God the Father - Quellin

Guided Tour Briefing

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thank you for all those who called me and sent me encouraging emails about your eagerness in participating in our guided tour of the Holy Bible. 

Here are more details: 

As part our our guided tour, we will have a website, where all these documents will be posted. This website (blog) is under construction and will be ready by the time we start our first lesson. 

During this tour, we will follow the NIV version of Bible - New International Version. For some reason if you cannot get one readily, see the FAQ below. Please let me know and I can get you one. I encourage you to have one copy so that you can write and make notes in it. Keep your Bible on your study table - you will be using it everyday. Pray to the Holy Spirit to give you understanding of the Bible - it is required to comprehend what your learn. 

Attached, you will find the road-map of our guided tour (pdf document). Take a printout and keep it next to your Bible. 

Guided Tour FAQ's. 

Question: How long is the tour? 
Answer: We will complete our Old Testament journey by December 24, 2013. New Testament is scheduled to complete by Apr 12, 2014. 

Question: I may be out during some holidays. How can I be part of the tour at that time? 
Answer: All our material will be posted online. You can be based anywhere in the world and still access the daily tour material. Further, we will take short breaks during major US holidays. For instance, there will not be tour lessons during the following holidays - Aug 31, Sept 1 & Sept 2 (labor day weekend), Sept 14, 15 & 16 (Onam), Oct 14 (Columbus Day), Nov 11 (Veteran's Day), Nov 28, 29, 30, Dec 1 (Thanksgiving), Dec 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31 (Christmas). I hope these breaks will conveniently fit into your holiday schedule and not miss any part of the tour. 

Question: What is the biggest challenge during this guided tour? 
Answer: The most common reason why Christians don't study the Bible is based on the complaint, "I just don't understand it!" The objective of this guided tour is to overcome that challenge. Before you start each study session, pray to the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual mind. If you have questions, please ask. 

Question: Can you provide simple language while providing the guided tour? 
Answer: I will do my best to explain it in simple language. 

Question: What tools do I need to carry along with me during the tour? 
Answer: Just have a Holy Bible, a highlighter, computer with access to internet and for the serious people - a notebook and pen, to make notes. 

Question: What if some passage is not clear to me - how can I clarify them? 
Answer: Most of the scripture is hard to understand and we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to understand it. You are most welcome to post your question as comments, or even email me your questions and I'll find those answers for you and get back at the earliest. It is quite important that we understand every aspect or the scripture with continuity to follow along. Do not hesitate to ask. 

Question: Is the guided tour available in any other language other than English? 
Answer: The current guided tour is planned in English. I am exploring the option of incorporating other prominent languages while building the website. 

Question: Are there any assignments as part of this guided tour? 
Answer: I encourage the reader to first read the guided tour notes and then read the Bible. That way, the scripture will be clear to you. The only assignment as part of this tour is to read the notes and the Bible. 

Question: You did not mention Apocrypha in your earlier email. Are you covering Apocrypha as part of the tour? 
Answer: Yes, Apocrypha has been built into the schedule as well. I did not mention it in my earlier email because not many have access to Apocrypha. However, by the time we get there, I will make it available on our website (blog). 

Question: Can I share material about the guided tour of the Holy Bible with others? If so, will I be violating any copyright regulations? 
Answer: Yes, of course, you can share the material with anyone you please. I am not copyrighting any of the material. The word of God is free to be shared with anyone interested.

Question: How to get a free Bible without stealing one from a hotel room?
Answer: There are many ways to obtain a free Bible. If you visit, and fill out a form, they will mail you one or two copies of King James Version per address anywhere in the promises to send a new or gently-used Bible to anyone in the U.S. who cannot afford to purchase one. Requests are limited to one per person and one per address. For a large quantity of Bibles, contact the International Bible Society, American Bible Society or The Gideons. If you still have problems getting one, please feel free to contact me. Internet version of Bible is available or

Question: What is one advice you would provide during this guided tour? 
Answer: One of greatest joys in life is being able to read and understand the word of God - it is divine and sacred. There are numerous rewards, surprises, and encouragements all along the journey. Prepare for this guided tour by praying to the Holy Spirit and stick to the plan mentally. Christmas and Easter will be here soon. 

Guided Tour of the Holy Bible  - Reading Plan 

Guided Tour Goals:

By Christmas 2013, complete the study of Old Testament. 
By Easter 2014, complete the study of New Testament.

DayTopics CoveredHolidays
6-Jul-2013SaturdayInvitation to Guided Tour of Holy Bible
7-Jul-2013SundayBriefing on the Guided Tour
8-Jul-2013MondayWho is God
9-Jul-2013TuesdayWhy study the Bible
10-Jul-2013WednesdayIntroduction to Old Testament
11-Jul-2013ThursdayGenesis 1:1 - Genesis 5:32 
12-Jul-2013FridayGenesis 6:1 - Genesis 11:32 
13-Jul-2013SaturdayGenesis 12:1 - Genesis 18:33 
14-Jul-2013SundayGenesis 19:1 - Genesis 23:20 
15-Jul-2013MondayGenesis 24:1 - Genesis 26:35 
16-Jul-2013TuesdayGenesis 27:1 - Genesis 30:43 
17-Jul-2013WednesdayGenesis 31:1 - Genesis 34:31 
18-Jul-2013ThursdayGenesis 35:1 - Genesis 38:30 
19-Jul-2013FridayGenesis 39:1 - Genesis 42:38 
20-Jul-2013SaturdayGenesis 43:1 - Genesis 47:31 
21-Jul-2013SundayGenesis 48:1 - Exodus 3:22 
22-Jul-2013MondayExodus 4:1 - Exodus 8:32 
23-Jul-2013TuesdayExodus 9:1 - Exodus 13:22 
24-Jul-2013WednesdayExodus 14:1 - Exodus 18:27 
25-Jul-2013ThursdayExodus 19:1 - Exodus 23:33 
26-Jul-2013FridayExodus 24:1 - Exodus 28:43 
27-Jul-2013SaturdayExodus 29:1 - Exodus 32:35 
28-Jul-2013SundayExodus 33:1 - Exodus 37:29 
29-Jul-2013MondayExodus 38:1 - Leviticus 2:16 
30-Jul-2013TuesdayLeviticus 3:1 - Leviticus 7:38 
31-Jul-2013WednesdayLeviticus 8:1 - Leviticus 12:8 
1-Aug-2013ThursdayLeviticus 13:1 - Leviticus 15:33 
2-Aug-2013FridayLeviticus 16:1 - Leviticus 20:27 
3-Aug-2013SaturdayLeviticus 21:1 - Leviticus 25:55 
4-Aug-2013SundayLeviticus 26:1 - Numbers 1:54 
5-Aug-2013MondayNumbers 2:1 - Numbers 4:49 
6-Aug-2013TuesdayNumbers 5:1 - Numbers 7:89 
7-Aug-2013WednesdayNumbers 8:1 - Numbers 12:16 
8-Aug-2013ThursdayNumbers 13:1 - Numbers 16:50 
9-Aug-2013FridayNumbers 17:1 - Numbers 22:41 
10-Aug-2013SaturdayNumbers 23:1 - Numbers 26:65 
11-Aug-2013SundayNumbers 27:1 - Numbers 31:54 
12-Aug-2013MondayNumbers 32:1 - Numbers 35:34 
13-Aug-2013TuesdayNumbers 36:1 - Deuteronomy 4:49 
14-Aug-2013WednesdayDeuteronomy 5:1 - Deuteronomy 10:22 
15-Aug-2013ThursdayDeuteronomy 11:1 - Deuteronomy 15:23 
16-Aug-2013FridayDeuteronomy 16:1 - Deuteronomy 22:30 
17-Aug-2013SaturdayDeuteronomy 23:1 - Deuteronomy 28:68 
18-Aug-2013SundayDeuteronomy 29:1 - Deuteronomy 33:29 
19-Aug-2013MondayDeuteronomy 34:1 - Joshua 6:27 
20-Aug-2013TuesdayJoshua 7:1 - Joshua 11:23 
21-Aug-2013WednesdayJoshua 12:1 - Joshua 15:63 
22-Aug-2013ThursdayJoshua 16:1 - Joshua 21:45 
23-Aug-2013FridayJoshua 22:1 - Judges 2:23 
24-Aug-2013SaturdayJudges 3:1 - Judges 7:25 
25-Aug-2013SundayJudges 8:1 - Judges 11:40 
26-Aug-2013MondayJudges 12:1 - Judges 18:31 
27-Aug-2013TuesdayJudges 19:1 - Ruth 2:23 
28-Aug-2013WednesdayRuth 3:1 - 1 Samuel 4:22 
29-Aug-2013Thursday1 Samuel 5:1 - 1 Samuel 11:15 
30-Aug-2013Friday1 Samuel 12:1 - 1 Samuel 15:35 
31-Aug-2013SaturdayLabor Day Weekend
1-Sep-2013SundayLabor Day Weekend
2-Sep-2013MondayLabor Day Weekend
3-Sep-2013Tuesday1 Samuel 16:1 - 1 Samuel 19:24 
4-Sep-2013Wednesday1 Samuel 20:1 - 1 Samuel 25:44 
5-Sep-2013Thursday1 Samuel 26:1 - 2 Samuel 1:27 
6-Sep-2013Friday2 Samuel 2:1 - 2 Samuel 7:29 
7-Sep-2013Saturday2 Samuel 8:1 - 2 Samuel 13:39 
8-Sep-2013Sunday2 Samuel 14:1 - 2 Samuel 18:33 
9-Sep-2013Monday2 Samuel 19:1 - 2 Samuel 22:51 
10-Sep-2013Tuesday2 Samuel 23:1 - 1 Kings 2:46 
11-Sep-2013Wednesday1 Kings 3:1 - 1 Kings 7:51 
12-Sep-2013Thursday1 Kings 8:1 - 1 Kings 11:43 
13-Sep-2013Friday1 Kings 12:1 - 1 Kings 16:34 
14-Sep-2013SaturdaySaturday before Onam
15-Sep-2013SundaySunday before Onam
17-Sep-2013Tuesday1 Kings 17:1 - 1 Kings 20:43 
18-Sep-2013Wednesday1 Kings 21:1 - 2 Kings 3:27 
19-Sep-2013Thursday2 Kings 4:1 - 2 Kings 8:29 
20-Sep-2013Friday2 Kings 9:1 - 2 Kings 13:25 
21-Sep-2013Saturday2 Kings 14:1 - 2 Kings 18:37 
22-Sep-2013Sunday2 Kings 19:1 - 2 Kings 23:37 
23-Sep-2013Monday2 Kings 24:1 - 1 Chronicles 2:55 
24-Sep-2013Tuesday1 Chronicles 3:1 - 1 Chronicles 6:81 
25-Sep-2013Wednesday1 Chronicles 7:1 - 1 Chronicles 10:14 
26-Sep-2013Thursday1 Chronicles 11:1 - 1 Chronicles 15:29 
27-Sep-2013Friday1 Chronicles 16:1 - 1 Chronicles 21:30 
28-Sep-2013Saturday1 Chronicles 22:1 - 1 Chronicles 26:32 
29-Sep-2013Sunday1 Chronicles 27:1 - 2 Chronicles 3:17 
30-Sep-2013Monday2 Chronicles 4:1 - 2 Chronicles 9:31 
1-Oct-2013Tuesday2 Chronicles 10:1 - 2 Chronicles 17:19 
2-Oct-2013Wednesday2 Chronicles 18:1 - 2 Chronicles 23:21
3-Oct-2013Thursday2 Chronicles 24:1 - 2 Chronicles 29:36 
4-Oct-2013Friday2 Chronicles 30:1 - 2 Chronicles 34:33 
5-Oct-2013Saturday2 Chronicles 35:1 - Ezra 3:13 
6-Oct-2013SundayEzra 4:1 - Ezra 9:15 
7-Oct-2013MondayEzra 10:1 - Nehemiah 5:19 
8-Oct-2013TuesdayNehemiah 6:1 - Nehemiah 9:38
9-Oct-2013WednesdayNehemiah 10:1 - Nehemiah 13:31 
10-Oct-2013ThursdayEsther 1:1 - Esther 9:32 
11-Oct-2013FridayEsther 10:1 - Job 6:30 
12-Oct-2013SaturdayJob 7:1 - Job 12:25 
13-Oct-2013SundayJob 13:1 - Job 18:21 
14-Oct-2013MondayColumbus Day
15-Oct-2013TuesdayJob 19:1 - Job 23:17 
16-Oct-2013WednesdayJob 24:1 - Job 30:31 
17-Oct-2013ThursdayJob 31:1 - Job 35:16 
18-Oct-2013FridayJob 36:1 - Job 40:24 
19-Oct-2013SaturdayJob 41:1 - Psalms 9:20 
20-Oct-2013SundayPsalms 10:1 - Psalms 19:14 
21-Oct-2013MondayPsalms 20:1 - Psalms 29:11 
22-Oct-2013TuesdayPsalms 30:1 - Psalms 37:40 
23-Oct-2013WednesdayPsalms 38:1 - Psalms 46:11 
24-Oct-2013ThursdayPsalms 47:1 - Psalms 56:13 
25-Oct-2013FridayPsalms 57:1 - Psalms 68:35 
26-Oct-2013SaturdayPsalms 69:1 - Psalms 74:23 
27-Oct-2013SundayPsalms 75:1 - Psalms 80:19 
28-Oct-2013MondayPsalms 81:1 - Psalms 89:52 
29-Oct-2013TuesdayPsalms 90:1 - Psalms 100:5
30-Oct-2013WednesdayPsalms 101:1 - Psalms 105:45 
31-Oct-2013ThursdayPsalms 106:1 - Psalms 109:31 
1-Nov-2013FridayPsalms 110:1 - Psalms 119:176 
2-Nov-2013SaturdayPsalms 120:1 - Psalms 136:26 
3-Nov-2013SundayPsalms 137:1 - Psalms 147:20 
4-Nov-2013MondayPsalms 148:1 - Proverbs 4:27 
5-Nov-2013TuesdayProverbs 5:1 - Proverbs 9:18 
6-Nov-2013WednesdayProverbs 10:1 - Proverbs 14:35 
7-Nov-2013ThursdayProverbs 15:1 - Proverbs 19:29 
8-Nov-2013FridayProverbs 20:1 - Proverbs 24:34 
9-Nov-2013SaturdayProverbs 25:1 - Proverbs 29:27
10-Nov-2013SundayProverbs 30:1 - Ecclesiastes 4:16
11-Nov-2013MondayVeteran's Day
12-Nov-2013TuesdaySong of Solomon 1:1 – Isaiah 1:31 
13-Nov-2013WednesdayIsaiah 2:1 - Isaiah 8:22 
14-Nov-2013ThursdayIsaiah 9:1 - Isaiah 15:9 
15-Nov-2013FridayIsaiah 16:1 - Isaiah 24:23 
16-Nov-2013SaturdayIsaiah 25:1 - Isaiah 31:9 
17-Nov-2013SundayIsaiah 32:1 - Isaiah 38:22 
18-Nov-2013MondayIsaiah 39:1 - Isaiah 44:28 
19-Nov-2013TuesdayIsaiah 45:1 - Isaiah 51:23 
20-Nov-2013WednesdayIsaiah 52:1 - Isaiah 60:22 
21-Nov-2013ThursdayIsaiah 61:1 - Jeremiah 2:37
22-Nov-2013FridayJeremiah 3:1 - Jeremiah 7:34 
23-Nov-2013SaturdayJeremiah 8:1 - Jeremiah 13:27 
24-Nov-2013SundayJeremiah 14:1 - Jeremiah 20:18 
25-Nov-2013MondayJeremiah 21:1 - Jeremiah 26:24 
26-Nov-2013TuesdayJeremiah 27:1 - Jeremiah 31:40 
27-Nov-2013WednesdayJeremiah 32:1 - Jeremiah 36:32 
28-Nov-2013ThursdayThanksgiving Break
29-Nov-2013FridayThanksgiving Break
30-Nov-2013SaturdayThanksgiving Break
1-Dec-2013SundayThanksgiving Break
2-Dec-2013MondayJeremiah 37:1 - Jeremiah 43:13 
3-Dec-2013TuesdayJeremiah 44:1 - Jeremiah 49:39 
4-Dec-2013WednesdayJeremiah 50:1 - Jeremiah 52:34 
5-Dec-2013ThursdayLamentations 1:1 – Lamentations 5:22 
6-Dec-2013FridayEzekiel 1:1 - Ezekiel 7:27 
7-Dec-2013SaturdayEzekiel 8:1 - Ezekiel 14:23 
8-Dec-2013SundayEzekiel 15:1 - Ezekiel 19:14 
9-Dec-2013MondayEzekiel 20:1 - Ezekiel 23:49 
10-Dec-2013TuesdayEzekiel 24:1 - Ezekiel 29:21 
11-Dec-2013WednesdayEzekiel 30:1 - Ezekiel 34:31 
12-Dec-2013ThursdayEzekiel 35:1 - Ezekiel 40:49 
13-Dec-2013FridayEzekiel 41:1 - Ezekiel 46:24 
14-Dec-2013SaturdayEzekiel 47:1 - Daniel 3:30 
15-Dec-2013SundayDaniel 4:1 - Daniel 8:27 
16-Dec-2013MondayDaniel 9:1 - Hosea 2:23 
17-Dec-2013TuesdayHosea 3:1 - Hosea 12:14 
18-Dec-2013WednesdayHosea 13:1 - Amos 3:15 
19-Dec-2013ThursdayAmos 4:1 - Jonah 1:17 
20-Dec-2013FridayJonah 2:1 - Micah 7:20 
21-Dec-2013SaturdayNahum 1:1 - Zephaniah 2:15 
22-Dec-2013SundayZephaniah 3:1 - Zechariah 6:15 
23-Dec-2013MondayMalachi 2:1 - Malachi 4:6
24-Dec-2013TuesdayConclusion of Old Testament Tour
26-Dec-2013ThursdayChristmas Break
27-Dec-2013FridayChristmas Break
28-Dec-2013SaturdayChristmas Break
29-Dec-2013SundayChristmas Break
30-Dec-2013MondayChristmas Break
31-Dec-2013TuesdayNew Year's Eve
1-Jan-2014WednesdayIntroduction to New Testament
2-Jan-2014ThursdayLuke 1; John 1:1-14
3-Jan-2014FridayMatthew 1; Luke 2:1-38
4-Jan-2014SaturdayMatthew 2; Luke 2:39-52
5-Jan-2014SundayMatthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3
6-Jan-2014MondayMatthew 4; Luke 4-5; John 1:15-51
7-Jan-2014TuesdayJohn 2-4
8-Jan-2014WednesdayMark 2
9-Jan-2014ThursdayJohn 5
10-Jan-2014FridayMatthew 12:1-21; Mark 3; Luke 6
11-Jan-2014SaturdayMatthew 5-7
12-Jan-2014SundayMatthew 8:1-13; Luke 7
13-Jan-2014MondayMatthew 11
14-Jan-2014TuesdayMatthew 12:22-50; Luke 11
15-Jan-2014WednesdayMatthew 13; Luke 8
16-Jan-2014ThursdayMatthew 8:14-34; Mark 4-5
17-Jan-2014FridayMatthew 9-10
18-Jan-2014SaturdayMatthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9:1-17
19-Jan-2014SundayJohn 6
20-Jan-2014MondayMatthew 15; Mark 7
21-Jan-2014TuesdayMatthew 16; Mark 8; Luke 9:18-27
22-Jan-2014WednesdayMatthew 17; Mark 9; Luke 9:28-62
23-Jan-2014ThursdayMatthew 18
24-Jan-2014FridayJohn 7-8
25-Jan-2014SaturdayJohn 9:1-41; John 10:1-21
26-Jan-2014SundayLuke 10-11; John 10:22-42
27-Jan-2014MondayLuke 12-13
28-Jan-2014TuesdayLuke 14-15
29-Jan-2014WednesdayLuke 16; Luke 17:1-10
30-Jan-2014ThursdayJohn 11
31-Jan-2014FridayLuke 17:11-37; Luke 18:1-14
1-Feb-2014SaturdayMatthew 19; Mark 10
2-Feb-2014SundayMatthew 20-21
3-Feb-2014MondayLuke 18:15--43; Luke 19:1-48
4-Feb-2014TuesdayMark 11; John 12
5-Feb-2014WednesdayMatthew 22; Mark 12
6-Feb-2014ThursdayMatthew 23; Luke 20-21
7-Feb-2014FridayMark 13
8-Feb-2014SaturdayMatthew 24
9-Feb-2014SundayMatthew 25
10-Feb-2014MondayMatthew 26; Mark 14
11-Feb-2014TuesdayLuke 22; John 13
12-Feb-2014WednesdayJohn 14-17
13-Feb-2014ThursdayMatthew 27; Mark 15
14-Feb-2014FridayLuke 23; John 18-19
15-Feb-2014SaturdayMatthew 28; Mark 16
16-Feb-2014SundayLuke 24; John 20-21
17-Feb-2014MondayActs 1-3
18-Feb-2014TuesdayActs 4-6
19-Feb-2014WednesdayActs 7-8
20-Feb-2014ThursdayActs 9-10
21-Feb-2014FridayActs 11-12
22-Feb-2014SaturdayActs 13-14
23-Feb-2014SundayJames 1-5
24-Feb-2014MondayActs 15-16
25-Feb-2014TuesdayGalatians 1-3
26-Feb-2014WednesdayGalatians 4-6
27-Feb-2014ThursdayActs 17; Acts 18:1-18
28-Feb-2014Friday1 Thessalonians 1-5; 2 Thessalonians 1-3
1-Mar-2014SaturdayActs 18:19-28; Acts 19:1-41
2-Mar-2014Sunday1 Corinthians 1-4
3-Mar-2014Monday1 Corinthians 5-8
4-Mar-2014Tuesday1 Corinthians 9-11
5-Mar-2014Wednesday1 Corinthians 12-14
6-Mar-2014Thursday1 Corinthians 15-16
7-Mar-2014Friday2 Corinthians 1-4
8-Mar-2014Saturday2 Corinthians 5-9
9-Mar-2014Sunday2 Corinthians 10-13
10-Mar-2014MondayActs 20:1-3; Romans 1-3
11-Mar-2014TuesdayRomans 4-7
12-Mar-2014WednesdayRomans 8-10
13-Mar-2014ThursdayRomans 11-13
14-Mar-2014FridayRomans 14-16
15-Mar-2014SaturdayActs 20:4-38; Acts 21; Acts 22; Acts 23:1-35
16-Mar-2014SundayActs 24-26
17-Mar-2014MondayActs 27-28
18-Mar-2014TuesdayColossians 1-4; Philemon
19-Mar-2014WednesdayEphesians 1-6
20-Mar-2014ThursdayPhilippians 1-4
21-Mar-2014Friday1 Timothy 1-6
22-Mar-2014SaturdayTitus 1-3
23-Mar-2014Sunday1 Peter 1-5
24-Mar-2014MondayHebrews 1-6
25-Mar-2014TuesdayHebrews 7-10
26-Mar-2014WednesdayHebrews 11-13
27-Mar-2014Thursday2 Timothy 1-4
28-Mar-2014Friday2 Peter 1-3; Jude
29-Mar-2014Saturday1 John 1-5
30-Mar-2014Sunday2 John; 3 John
31-Mar-2014MondayRevelation 1-5
1-Apr-2014TuesdayRevelation 6-11
2-Apr-2014WednesdayRevelation 12-18
3-Apr-2014ThursdayRevelation 19-22
4-Apr-2014FridayThe Apocrypha: Religious Romance
- Tobit and Judith
5-Apr-2014SaturdayThe Apocrypha: The Wisdom of Solomon 
6-Apr-2014SundayThe Apocrypha: Ecclesiasticus 
7-Apr-2014MondayThe Apocrypha: The Letter of Jeremiah 
8-Apr-2014TuesdayThe Apocrypha: Payer of Azariah, Susanna
& Bel and the Dragon 
9-Apr-2014WednesdayThe Apocrypha: I, II & III Maccabees  
10-Apr-2014ThursdayThe Apocrypha: I & II Esdras  
11-Apr-2014FridayThe Apocrypha: Psalms 151,
Additions to Esther, Baruch
& Prayer of Manasseh
12-Apr-2014SaturdayConclusion of Guided Tour
13-Apr-2014SundayPalm Sunday
14-Apr-2014MondayHoly Monday
15-Apr-2014TuesdayHoly Tuesday
16-Apr-2014WednesdayPassover Eve
17-Apr-2014ThursdayMaundy Thursday
18-Apr-2014FridayGood Friday
19-Apr-2014SaturdayHoly Saturday