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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2 Chronicles 36

King Solomon's Temple Destroyed 
Jehoahaz King of Judah
- Son of Josiah,
- King of Egypt dethoroned him,
- King of Egypt imposed heavy taxes,
- Had a short reign of three months,
- Egyptian king crowned his brother Jehoiakim.

Jehoiakim King of Judah
- Reigned eleven years,
- Did evil in the sight of LORD,
- Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took him captive,
- The articles of temple were taken away as well.

Jehoiachin King of Judah
- Son of Jehoiachin,
- Reigned almost 100 days,
- Did evil in the eyes of LORD,
- Nebuchadnezzar took him and valuables from Temple,
- Nebuchadnezzar made Zedekiah, his uncle the king.

Zedekiah King of Judah
- Twenty one when he became king,
- Reigned eleven years,
- Did evil in the eyes of LORD,
- Rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar,
- People became unfaithful to LORD.

The Fall of Jerusalem
The LORD was angry and He handed them all into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar. The people of Judah did not give heed to any of the advice from Prophets.
2 Chronicles 36:16 But they mocked God’s messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the Lord was aroused against his people and there was no remedy.
- Babylonian king murdered men, women and children, and elders,
- Temple treasures were lookted,
- Temple of the LORD was burned down, bringing down the great temple of king Solomon to ruins.
- Those who survived were take captive to Babylon.

They captivity lasted for seventy years.

Only the land of Israel enjoyed the Sabbath. It is interesting to note that the land was never given a Sabbath for the past 490 years. Now, it would receive a Sabbath for seventy years - which was mathematically accurate.

When the Persian king took control, he announced a decree in his first year:
2 Chronicles 36:23 “This is what Cyrus king of Persia says:
“‘The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. Any of his people among you may go up, and may the LORD their God be with them.’”

2 Chronicles 35

Josiah hit by an arrow

Josiah Celebrates the Passover
Large scale planning and preparation works were underway in order to conduct the Passover celebration as per the law of Moses.

- Priests were assigned duties,
- Ark was put back in the right place,
- Elaborate security measures were in place at the gates,
- Singers were assigned as part of communal worship.

The king was very generous in providing thirty thousand lambs or goats and three thousand cattle for the people. The Passover meal was prepared in accordance with the law and the Passover itself was called remarkable due to:

- Elaborate preparations,
- Magnitude of celebrations,
- Participation of people from Israel and Judah,
- Observance of the law of Moses.

The Death of Josiah
In a war between Assyrians and Egyptians, Josiah politically supported the Assyrian side. He had no reason to participate in the war, and indulged in it against the counsel of the Egyptian King. He was wounded in the battle by and arrow, and later bled to death.

2 Chronicles 34

Josiah’s Reforms
Josiah's Profile;
- Was eight when he became king,
- Reigned thirty one years,
- Did what was right in the sight of LORD,
- Abolished high places, Asherah poles and idols.

He undertook the repair work of temple and restored it.

During the progression of temple construction work, Hilkiah the priest found the Book of the Law of the Lord that had been given through Moses. He handed it over to the Secretary, Shaphan, and later informed the king. Shaphan then read it out to the King. When Josiah heard all that was written, he tore his robes and asked Shaphan to go inquire about the LORD.

2 Chronicles 34:24 ‘This is what the LORD says: I am going to bring disaster on this place and its people - all the curses written in the book that has been read in the presence of the king of Judah. 25 Because they have forsaken me and burned incense to other gods and aroused my anger by all that their hands have made, my anger will be poured out on this place and will not be quenched.’

However, the LORD would not bring disaster during the time of Josiah.

The king renewed the covenant with the people to follow the LORD with all his heart and all his soul, and to obey the words of the covenant.

2 Chronicles 33

Manasseh King of Judah
- Was twelve when he became king,
- Reigned fifty five years,
- Did evil in the eyes of the LORD,
- Erected Baals and Asherah poles,
- Sacrificed his own children in fire,

Manasseh paid no attention to the LORD'S words. The king of Assyria took Manasseh prisoner. At that time, he humbled and prayed to the LORD. Now, he removed all those idols and restored the altar of the LORD.

His son Amnon succeeded him as king.

Amon King of Judah
- Twenty two when he became king,
- Reigned two years,
- Sacrificed and worshiped all idols made by Manasseh,
- Did not humble before the LORD,
- Was assassinated by his officials,
- Son, Josiah was later made king.

2 Chronicles 32

Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem
Sennacherib, king of Assyria came and encamped outside the fortified cities of Judah and laid a siege. Jerusalem depended on water from two springs and Hezekiah made modifications within the city to maintain a secure water supply. Hezekiah motivated his people saying that the LORD was with them and therefore do not be dismayed.

At this time, Sennacherib sent some of his commanders to the city gates of Jerusalem and leashed out a psychological warfare. The commanders gave a speech that was aimed to destroy their faith in the LORD.

Hezekiah turned to the LORD and prayed for help.
2 Chronicles 32:21 And the LORD sent an angel, who annihilated all the fighting men and the commanders and officers in the camp of the Assyrian king. So he withdrew to his own land in disgrace. And when he went into the temple of his god, some of his sons, his own flesh and blood, cut him down with the sword.
Hezekiah’s Pride, Success and Death
When Hezekiah became ill, he prayed to the LORD, who answered him. Pride made him not to respond to those favors received, and the LORD was angry at him. He later repented and he was forgiven.

2 Chronicles 31

Contributions for Worship
After attending the passover, the spirituality of those attended had increased. They followed Hezekiah's lead in destroying all idols in the city and the movement caught up. Some of this influence was visible in Israel as well.

Hezekiah then appointed priests to support regular work at the Temple. People were asked to bring in tithe and it was so abundant that it took four months just to receive all those gifts. The generous gifts from the people were properly managed under the supervision of the Levites.
2 Chronicles 31:20 This is what Hezekiah did throughout Judah, doing what was good and right and faithful before the LORD his God. 

2 Chronicles 30

Hezekiah's passover celebration

Hezekiah Celebrates the Passover
Invitation letters were sent out to the entire Israel and Judah to come celebrate the Passover - to remember the deliverance of LORD. In this case, the passover was celebrated in the second month (versus the first). There were special provisions in the law of Moses to extend the passover, and in this case it was due to the cleansing of the Temple.

Many tribes treated the invitation letter as they would today - the northerners mocked and laughed at the invite to celebrate Passover; they were having fun at their idol worship. Regardless, some showed up.

The city was cleansed of all idol and pagan worship. At the Passover celebration, the gathering was one of the largest. Several who came to take part in the passover did not purify themselves, and attended the ceremony without any seriousness.
2 Chronicles 30:18 Although most of the many people who came from Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar and Zebulun had not purified themselves, yet they ate the Passover, contrary to what was written. But Hezekiah prayed for them, saying, “May the LORD, who is good, pardon everyone."
The Levites managed the situation and had to do lot of work. Hezekiah spoke encouragingly of the Levites. They celebrated for seven days.

People rejoiced in the festivities.
2 Chronicles 30:26 There was great joy in Jerusalem, for since the days of Solomon son of David king of Israel there had been nothing like this in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2 Chronicles 29

Hezekiah Restores Temple Service

Hezekiah Purifies the Temple
- Became king at twenty-five,
- Reigned Jerusalem twenty-nine years,
- Did what was right in the eyes of the LORD,
- Repaired the temple of the LORD,

Hezekiah was serious about turning the entire nation to the LORD. A massive cleansing project was underway. The Levite priests went into the temple and purified it.

He then went to the temple and offered sacrifices.
2 Chronicles 29:29 When the offerings were finished, the king and everyone present with him knelt down and worshiped. 
People willingly brought gifts for the LORD. The offerings were in abundance. The service at the temple was reestablished.


2 Chronicles 28

King Ahaz

Ahaz King of Judah
- Became king at the age of twenty
- Reigned sixteen years,
- followed the Baals,
- Sacrificed his children in fire,

The king of Israel inflicted heavy loses upon him - one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) in one day. They took captives from Judah two hundred thousand (200,000) women, and children, along with a great deal of plunder.

A prophet of the LORD called Oded, asked the Israelite army to return all the prisoners due to LORD'S anger. So the soldiers gave up the prisoners and plunder and treated them with respect. During his time of trouble, he sought help from Syria, but they gave him trouble instead of help.

During tough times, he became even more unfaithful to the LORD and sacrificed at the idols. This raised the anger of the LORD.

2 Chronicles 27

Jotham, King of Judah
- Became king at twenty six,
- Reigned sixteen years,
- Did what was right in the eyes of the LORD,

Jotham did not enter the temple of the LORD to burn offerings like his father, Uzziah. However, he did some reconstruction on the temple. The people continued with their corrupt practices.

He waged war against the Ammonites and conquered them, and made them pay tributes.
2 Chronicles 27:6 Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the LORD, his God.

2 Chronicles 26

Uzziah in the Temple

Uzziah King of Judah
- Became king at age of sixteen,
- Reigned fifty two years,
- Did what was right in the eyes of LORD,
- Sought LORD during days of Zechariah,

Uzziah had a well trained army, and the LORD helped him win over Philistines and Arabs. The Ammonites brought him tributes every year. Much energy was spent upon military welfare.

Ultimately, pride led to his downfall. He later became unfaithful to the LORD and entered the temple of the LORD to burn incense. The Levites objected his actions, but he became angry. While he was raging in their presence, a leprosy broke out on his head. He continued to have leprosy until the day of his death.

2 Chronicles 25

Amaziah King of Judah
- Became king at the age of twenty five,
- Reigned twenty-nine years,
- Did what was right in the eyes of LORD,
- Was not devoted to LORD wholeheartedly.

He had three hundred thousand (300,000) men fit for miliatary service. He then hired one hundred thousand (100,000) men from Israel.
2 Chronicles 25:7 But a man of God came to him and said, “Your Majesty, these troops from Israel must not march with you, for the LORD is not with Israel—not with any of the people of Ephraim. 8 Even if you go and fight courageously in battle, God will overthrow you before the enemy, for God has the power to help or to overthrow.”
Amaziah dismissed the Israeli army based on the advice and won couple of battles. When he slaughtered the Edomites, he brought back their gods and worshiped them. The LORD was furious at this action and decided to destroy him.

Later, Amaziah provoked the Jehoash, king of Israel and wanted wanted to engage in a battle against them. Jehoash captured Amaziah and looted all his wealth from the temple and palace. Amaziah had fled to Lachish, one of the first cities to embrace idoltory. He was killed over there.

2 Chronicles 24

Joash takes care of LORD'S Temple

Joash Repairs the Temple
At the age of seven, Joash ascended the throne and rule for forty years. As long as Jehoiada was there to monitor and advice him, Joash did what was right in the eyes of the LORD.

Joash decided to restore the temple of the LORD and summoned Jehoiada the construction work. The taxes that were due to the temple were collected and the money was used for restoration purpose. A large sum of money was collected and used for restoration, and all prescribed rituals were conducted as required. Jehoiada lived till the age of one hundred thirty.

The Wickedness of Joash
After the death of Jehoiada, Joash abandoned the temple of the LORD and worshiped idols. Jehoiada's son, Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and came prophesying and criticizing the king. Both leaders and common people did not like this. They conspired to murder Zechariah and stoned him to death in the temple of the LORD. While Zechariah lay there dying, he said, "“May the LORD see this and call you to account.”

Within one year, the Syrians invaded Judah and left Joash injured. One of his officials, Zabad, conspired against him and killed him in his own bed.

2 Chronicles 23

Athaliah being captured

Jehoiada became courageous after six years. He made a covenant with his commanders and made a bold move to crown the king's son. Meanwhile, Athaliah was ruling the kingdom and everyone believed there was none eligible to rule the land.

Securing the temple with armed men, Jehoiada gave strict orders to kill anyone who enters the temple. He then brought out the king's son and revealed him to the nation, so that the young boy was well received. Soon, the king's son was anointed and crowned as the king. Jubiliant cheers went out loud, and everyone cheered, "Long live the king."

When Athaliah heard the noise, she came running out and was surprised to see the new king standing there. Jehoiada commanded the troops to seize her and kill her, which they did. Then all the people went to Baal's temple and tore it down, and killed the priest.

Levites were handed the responsibility of the LORD'S temple and gatekeepers were stationed at the gate to maintain sanctity. 

2 Chronicles 22


Ahaziah King of Judah
Ahaziah was the only one who survived the massacre. He had a brief reign of one year, with the support from his mother. His mother, Athaliah, guided him to rule the country wickedly. Athaliah, one of those 'bad girls' of the Bible, was the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel of Israel and also Jehoram's wife.

The close alliance of Ahaziah with the northern kingdom of Joram prompted a war against Syria. In that war, Joram was wounded. Ahaziah went to meet Joram and was held in the hands of Jehu, who was executing judgement in Ahab's house. When Jehu's men saw Ahaziah, they put him to death.

Athaliah and Joash
When news of her son's death reached Athaliah, she stared killing everyone in the royal family. She then proceeded to rule the land. Jehosheba, king Jehoram's daughter, took Joash, son of Ahaziah and hid him, so that Athaliah could not kill him. Jehosheba was the wife of priest Jehoiada and Joash remained hidden in the Temple of the LORD for six years. 

2 Chronicles 21

Jehoram King of Judah
Jehoshaphat rested with his ancestors and was buried with them in the City of David. Jehoram his firstborn son succeeded as the king, while his brothers received many gifts of gold and silver along with articles of value.

Jehoram put all his brothers to the sword along with few other officials and established his throne. He followed the ways of Ahab, and did evil in the eyes of the LORD.

When Edom rebelled against Judah, Jehoram went there. He was surrounded by Edomites, but escaped in the night.

Prophet Elijah sent him a letter narrating all the evil he did, and warned him,
2 Chronicles 21:14 "So now the Lord is about to strike your people, your sons, your wives and everything that is yours, with a heavy blow. 15 You yourself will be very ill with a lingering disease of the bowels, until the disease causes your bowels to come out."
The Philistines and the Arabs attacked Jehoram.
2 Chronicles 21:17 They attacked Judah, invaded it and carried off all the goods found in the king’s palace, together with his sons and wives. Not a son was left to him except Ahaziah, the youngest.
After that, the LORD inflicted an incurable disease upon Jehoram and he died of pain. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

2 Chronicles 20

Jehoshaphat Praying

Jehoshaphat Defeats Moab and Ammon
The Moabites and Ammonites came to wage war against Jehoshaphat. He then gathered the entire nation together and offered a fasting. He sought the help of the LORD. As a representative of the entire nation, he cried out to the LORD saying, "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”

The LORD answered Jehoshaphat’s prayer. The Holy Spirit came upon Jahaziel and he said, "Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s."

Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise him saying, “Give thanks to the Lord, for his love endures forever.”
2 Chronicles 20:22 As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes against the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir who were invading Judah, and they were defeated.
All the men of Judah and Jerusalem returned joyfully to Jerusalem.

The End of Jehoshaphat’s Reign
He reigned in Jerusalem twenty-five years,
He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD,
He made an alliance with Ahaziah, the wicked king of Israel.

Eliezer son of Dodavahu of Mareshah prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, “Because you have made an alliance with Ahaziah, the Lord will destroy what you have made.”

His ships wrecked and were unable to set sail.

2 Chronicles 19

Army of Judges

Jehoshaphat returned to Jerusalem, he was reproved by Jehu , the son of Hanani, who issued warnings to his father, Asa.

Jehoshaphat Appoints Judges
He tried to clean out his kingdom by appointing judges in the land and gave them strict instructions.
2 Chronicles 19:6 He told them, “Consider carefully what you do, because you are not judging for mere mortals but for the LORD, who is with you whenever you give a verdict. 
In Jerusalem, he set up the courts.
2 Chronicles 19:9 He gave them these orders: “You must serve faithfully and wholeheartedly in the fear of the LORD. 

2 Chronicles 18

Ahab at war

Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab
Jehoshaphat forged alliance with Ahab of Israel. They were planning together to go to war against Ramoth Gilead.

All of Baal's prophets encouraged them to go for the war. Jehoshaphat wanted to check with a prophet of the LORD. Prophet Micaiah was brought in, and he at first gave a favorable answer. Ahab realized that Micaiah was not serious. When asked firmly, he said that those prophets of Baal are lying and this war will mark the death of Ahab. Micaiah was imprisoned in the end.

Ahab killed at Ramoth Gilead
The two kings went to war ignoring the warnings of Micaiah. In the war, Ahab wore the armor of a common soldier and he made Jehoshaphat wear royal robes. A random arrow hit Ahab between his armor and he started bleeding severely. In the evening, the war was lost and Ahab died due to blood-loss.

2 Chronicles 17

Jehoshaphat on throne

Jehoshaphat King of Judah
Asa's son, Jehoshaphat, walked in the ways of the LORD and strengthened himself against Israel. The LORD blessed him by establishing his kingdom. Jehoshaphat removed those high places used for idolatry purposes.

Jehoshaphat brought spiritual strength to his kingdom. He sent Levites to teach the scripture within Judah.  

His neighbors were afraid to attack him. The Philistines brought him gifts, and the Arabs brought him flocks.