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Why we get sick? 
In olden days, the doctors thought that illness and disease were a sign of God's anger or the work of evil spirits. Today doctors will tell us that we become sick due to virus or bacteria. Talk to a doctor at your church to learn more.

Jesus heals those who are sick
Jesus loves us very much - much more than our own parents do. He wants to see us always happy. When we are in trouble or difficulty, it makes Jesus sad.

Sickness, disease and difficulties came to existence when the devil made Adam and Eve sin. Jesus becomes unhappy when we suffer because of devil's evil trick.

Jesus did miracles in the form of healing people. We call it the 'healing ministry'. It was the desire of Jesus to heal all those who are sick. Jesus will always heal everyone who comes to Him in faith. He healed them with the use of his word, by touching them, and in certain cases by casting off demons.

Jesus loves us so much and He is the best friend one can ever have.

Jesus heal's Peter's mother in law. 

Scripture reference:
Matthew 8:14-15
Mark 1:29-31
Luke 4:38-39

During the days of Jesus, parents lived with their grown up children. It was the job of children to take care of their aged parents. So, Peter and his wife took care of his wife’s mother.

One day, Jesus and His friends went to Peter’s house. Those who were with Jesus told him that Peter’s mother-in-law was sick. She was lying in bed with a fever. Fever makes a person’s head very hot and they get chills all over. If we have a fever, we feel miserable and can’t do anything. That’s probably how she felt too. For Peter's family, it was kind of scary too, because they did not have pharmacy and hospitals like we do today.

Jesus went near her bed, touched her hand and instantly, the fever was gone. She was well and she felt great!

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Jesus heals a woman with bent-down back

Scripture reference:
Luke 13:10-13

Synagogue is the place where Jews go to pray - similar to the church we attend. According to Jewish law, nobody should do any kind of work on a Sabbath - similar to our church day on Sunday.

One day on a Sabbath, Jesus found this lady in a synagogue, whose back was bent over. The woman could not look up or walk straight like us for eighteen years. She was a faithful to God and every Sabbath, she went to the Jewish synagogue to pray and get healed. Eighteen years is a very long time.

Jesus saw her and called her. When he saw this woman, his heart was "moved with compassion." He said to her, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.”  Soon her back became straight.

Jesus heals a man with crippled right hand

Scripture reference:
Matthew 12:9-14
Mark 3:1-7
Luke 6:6-11

Another Sabbath day, Jesus and His friends went into the Synagogue to pray and teach. They saw a man that had a crippled right hand. It is very difficult to do many things when our right hand is not functioning well.

There were other people at the Synagogue too - just like those priests and church leaders. These people did not believe Jesus was God’s son. They were looking for a way to trick Jesus. They thought of a tricky question to ask Jesus. They asked him, “Is it against the law to heal on a church day?”

During those days, they had special rules they had to follow on church days - known as Sabbath. They could not do certain things on that day, because it was God’s day.

This was the trick:
If Jesus said "Yes, it is okay to heal people on a Sabbath day," then they would say, "Look - Jesus violated God's rule."
If Jesus said, "No, you should not heal people on a Sabbath day," then they would say, "Look, Jesus is not God's son because he does not heal God's people."

Instead of answering their question directly, Jesus asked them another question. He asked, “If you had a sheep that fell into a pit on Sabbath day, would you get it out?” Of course they would get it out. Jesus told them that it was lawful to do good things on a Sabbath day.

Then Jesus asked the man to stretch out his crippled right hand. When the man did this, a miracle happened! The man’s hand became well - it looked just like the other hand!

What can we do for the sick?
First thing we can do for the sick is to take them to the doctor and pay their fee.
At the same time, we can pray to Jesus and He will heal them.

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