Servant of Lord, traveler, husband, father, Bible blogger, Bible coach, thinker, dreamer, student, consultant.

Jacob is his real name, and was born into a Christian family, in one of those lush green remote villages of India. His father served in the Indian Air Force while his mother was a home maker. He traveled along with his parents during early childhood and attended schools in neighboring towns and cities. He landed on the shores of United States for the sake of higher education and continues to live there.

His biggest accomplishment in life is an early realization of how little he knows, how weak he is, and how poor in spirit he actually is. He accepts the fact that Lord is in control of the universe, including his life. He does his best to serve the Lord in the capacity of a servant. With that goal, everyday he thrives to learn more about Lord's Wisdom, with an ardent desire to get closer to the Lord. For a short stint, he assisted priests perform Holy Liturgy and on few occasions, he taught a handful of lessons at Sunday school.

For a living, he takes up the role of a consultant. In that role, he advises corporations on how to build 'intelligence' into their daily operations including finance, supply chain, CRM, etc,. As a Bible coach, he encourages individuals to read the Holy Scripture cover to cover, and helps them accomplish that goal. To begin with, he recommends reading a chapter of proverb everyday. The following words of King Solomon  (970-931 BC) documented in Proverbs 13 drives him in search of Lord's wisdom, "Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her."

During his free time, he finds joy in travelling, music, talking with family members, fishing, cooking, poetry, studying Holy Scriptures, paremiology, Christian non fiction, philosophy, or catching up on his favorite and neglected pastime - sleep.

He is married and currently lives with his wife and son in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jacob can be reached via email: jacob@jacobcherian.org.

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dawn ttt said...

I thank you for your blog. Just happen to read it on internet and your inputs have taught me again the fundamentals about being a Christian. I feel so encouraged by your interesting reads and pictures. I plan to share them with my children - the seeds of tomorrow. Please continue your good work and I will continue to read on this.

Yours sincerely

Dawn Tan
from Singapore