Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walking with Mary - Day 4

We are walking on the road that took Joseph and Mary on that momentous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

Now, there are two routes by which they would have taken:
- One through the Jezreel Valley, then through the hills of Samaria into Judaea. This is more of a straight-line route, but is physically demanding, with constant ups and downs through the hills. This route also went directly through Samaritan country, and Jews had no dealings with Samaritans those days.

- Second is travelling southeast across the Jezreel Valley that connected with the Jordan Valley. Then, all the way to Jericho, through the Desert of Jueda, into Bethlehem. This is the most probable route which Joseph and Mary most likely traveled.

My research tells me both routes to be more or less ninety-two (92) miles long (80 miles was an approximation).

Speaking about weather, it can get quite chilly at night as the season is early spring. Considering the Jordan Valley to be below sea level temperatures would be mild and pleasant.

It will be a tiring journey for anyone, and special care and consideration should be reserved for Mary, who is pregnant approaching her due date. We gotta worry where we would camp each night, and also about food and water.

How about one of us get the food and water. The donkey can carry only so much luggage. Shall one of us carry all those luggage and tent material, so that it is bit lighter for Joseph to walk.

Food for thought: If we have shortage for food and water, are we willing to sacrifice one meal a day for the sake of this couple? If there is shortage for place to sleep, are we ready to stay guard during the night? How about taking some load off of them - any volunteers?

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