Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Walking with Mary - Day 3

As Mary approached her due date, a rather "unfortunate" thing happened. The Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus, issued a decree say, a census should be taken of everyone in his empire. In order to accomplish this, people had to go to their ancestral hometown to register their names.

As Joseph and Mary belonged to the lineage to King David, Augustus' decree required them to make the approximately 80-mile trek from their home in Nazareth to David's hometown of Bethlehem. This difficult trip further connected Jesus' life with the expectations of a coming Messiah from the lineage of King David.

It is during this 80 mile trek that we are walking with Joseph and Mary - to get to know them better. Joseph is walking, and Mary is seated on the donkey. As we are going very slow, we will take another 22 days to get there. We will stop for the night and also take several stops. We ought to have extreme patience - remember, Mary is approaching her due date.

Food for thought: What are some of those conversations we can have, with Joseph and Mary, so that we grow in wisdom? 

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