Thursday, June 7, 2012

Multiplying Blessings

Three young men were once given three kernels of corn apiece by a wise old sage, who admonished them to go out into the world, and use the corn to bring themselves good fortune.

The first young man put his three kernels of corn into a bowl of hot broth and ate them.

The second thought, I can do better than that, and he planted his three kernels of corn. Within a few months, he had three stalks of corn. He took the ears of corn from the stalks, boiled them, and had enough corn for three meals.

The third man said to himself, I can do better than that! He also planted his three kernels of corn, but when his three stalks of corn produced, he stripped one of the stalks and replanted all of the seeds in it, gave the second stalk of corn to a sweet maiden, and ate the third.

His one full stalk’s worth of replanted corn kernels gave him 200 stalks of corn! And the kernels of these he continued to replant, setting aside only a bare minimum to eat. He eventually planted a hundred acres of corn.With his fortune, he not only won the hand of the sweet maiden but purchased the land owned by the sweet maiden’s father. And he never hungered again.

Moral: The more you give, the more you get. However that should NOT be the reason for your giving.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Master Architect

When we come across a great piece of art, do we appreciate the art or the artist? Do we honor the creation more than the creator?

While observing the minute details with which this world was crafted, there is certainly evidence of an intelligent design - there is wisdom with which the entire universe is created. Just take a look at the world around us - the brilliance with with our world is crafted, how the living beings all around us survive, how unique they are, how they have their own individual space in the world, at a certain time in space. All these provide insight into how the entire world works, even without you and and I being present.  It certainly is the work of the Master Architect.

Being able to appreciate the Master Architect's wisdom by observing the creation will cause our faith to soar sky high. That is the aha moment when we realize how insignificant our own wisdom is, and how great the wisdom of our Master Architect is.  I can only bow my head in adoration, before that infinite wisdom.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Destroying Enemies

At the end of the Civil War, many Northerners were demanding that the South be punished for the devastation the war had caused the United States. In the midst of this issue, a group visited President Lincoln in the White House, feeling he was being too soft on the South. One man became so incensed that he pounded on Mr. Lincoln’s desk and he said, “Mr. President, I believe in destroying my enemies!”

President Lincoln sat and reflected a moment, and then he slowly stood and this, “Do we not destroy our enemies when we make them our friends?”

This type of love can literally change the world. If there is a will, God will show the way.


Monday, June 4, 2012

A little love

A little love, can conquer all
No matter what the situation
Coming apart, or ready to fall
It helps us rise, to the occasion

Love, an emotion from the heart
Is a feeling, that warms the soul
Created by God, from the start
To use, As a special . . . "Tool"

For love can fix, so many things
Maybe, a heart that has been broken
Once expressed, it takes wings
And is, an appreciative . . .Token

If there is a problem or hurt to mend
If troubles have taken their . . .Toll
Exercise love, and goodness, it will rend
With a feeling of happiness, so full.

Poetry is a God given gift, that needs to be nourished and fostered. Earlier, I've posted some poetry by Judith Johnson Kypta on our blog. Go here to see a long list of her poems. Her books are listed here. Sometime back, I had posted one of her poems called 'Spiritual Hero'. The video version of the same is available here. Judi - continue inspiring others by your wonderful poems.

Credits: Judith Johnson Kypta

Broken Scale

A sweet lady came into the clinic with a baby and asked the nurse to weigh the baby.

“Sorry, the baby scale is broken,” said the nurse. “But we can figure the baby’s weight if we weigh mother and baby together on a regular adult scale, and then weigh the mother alone, and subtract the second number from the first.”

“Oh, that won’t work,” said the woman.

“Why not?” asked the nurse.

“Because,” she answered, “I’m not the mother – I’m the aunt.”


Invisibility cloaks

Any Harry Potter fan could explain about the invisibility cloak, and needs no introduction.  Now, that's becoming a reality.


Much of this technology is invisible to people like us, and is a guarded secret due to it's sensitivity nature.

Go here to read more.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

dot lol domain

Google is eyeing for .lol domain along with other domains.  This means that google has approached the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to open up additional domains like .com, .gov, .org etc.. The ones google is trying are .google, .youtube, .doc and .lol.

The announcements from ICANN will be published on June 13th. Believe it or not - Google is willing to pay more that $1 Million per year to keep it going.

Catch the news here.


Church Marquee Signs

"The best vitamin for a Christian is B1."

"Soul food served here."

"Tithe if you love Jesus! Anyone can honk!"

"You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving."

"Beat the Christmas rush, come to church this Sunday!"

"Don't wait for the hearse to take you to church."

"We should be more concerned with the Rock Of Ages, instead of the age of rocks."

"Reputation is what people think about you. Character is what people know you are."

"Life has many choices, For Eternity, two. What's yours?"

"Seven days without prayer makes one weak."

"No Jesus - no peace, Know Jesus - know peace!"

"Worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due."

"A man's character is like a fence. It cannot be strengthened by whitewash."

"Prevent truth decay. Brush up on your Bible."

"It's hard to stumble when you're down on your knees."

"A clear conscience makes a soft pillow."

"The wages of sin is death. Repent before payday."

"Never give the devil a ride. He will always want to drive."

"Can't sleep? Try counting your blessings."

"Forbidden fruit creates many jams."

"Christians, keep the faith... But not from others!"

"Satan subtracts and divides. God multiplies and multiplies."

"If you do not want to reap the fruits of sin stay out of the devil's orchard."

"To belittle is to be little."

"Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself."

"God answers kneemail!"

"Under same management for over 2000 years"