Friday, March 30, 2012

Man's wisdom

Have you ever thought about mankind's endless search for truth in this world? Think about it. Even in the twenty-first century, in a time of the greatest knowledge in the history of man with all the technological developments that have accelerated the rate of acquiring knowledge at fingertips in real-time, the restless mind of man still struggles with discovering the reason for his very existence.

Part of the trouble is looking for that answer through worldly wisdom versus Godly wisdom. Worldly wisdom leaves us empty and a bit cynical.

Godly wisdom is different - totally different. It reveals to us ultimate truth and that truth is found in one person - Jesus Christ. Take time to pursue ultimate truth in the person of Jesus and in the teachings of His Word, the Bible, and you will find wisdom that is out of this world. Continue walking with Him just few more days until His crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus is the one and only person recorded in Human history to have defeated death.

Discover godly wisdom. To be precise, discover the wisdom of God, provided by the Holy Spirit over the wisdom of the world, and in the process we will discover our answer for life.

Countdown: 9 days till Easter (we're down to single digits)

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A glimpse into the future

As you’ve probably heard, Google plans to introduce eyeglasses that will have a computerized lens, allowing you to view all kinds of information, as well as entertainment, while you do various tasks. You could, for example, be meeting your girlfriend’s father for the first time, telling him all about your passion for hunting and the eight-point buck you shot during your trip to Montana, while glancing at the display on your lens and reading something useful from the Internet, such as “Ten ways to impress your girlfriend’s father.”

Meanwhile, your girlfriend is also wearing glasses and doing some reading of her own: “Ten ways to keep your vegetarian dad from killing your boyfriend.”

Her father is also reading something: “Ten ways to dispose off a body.”

Yes, the Google glasses will be handy, not just for looking up important information but also for keeping yourself entertained. Don’t be surprised if you go to your church or temple one day and find that half the worshippers are wearing glasses. In the middle of the service, someone might blurt out, “What a beautiful goal!” And someone else might respond, “Don’t tell me you’re following Obama’s speech too!”

The Google glasses, expected to be priced between $250 and $600, will be like a smartphone – one that you can wear and see through. They will have a built-in camera, as well as audio inputs and outputs. They will also come with a GPS (global positioning system) sensor, so that you will know, at any moment of the day, the approximate location of the person who stole your glasses.

Controlling the menu on the glasses won’t be easy at first. You’ll have to move your head to make choices, instead of using your fingers. Some people won’t like it, but at least the church minister will be pleased that people are nodding during his sermon. “My sermons must be getting better,” he will say to his wife. “There were about 10 people nodding today and only 20 nodding off.”

Since the glasses are being produced by Google, you can expect to see a lot of ads. Advertisers are always looking for eyeballs, and thanks to Google’s innovation, your eyeballs will be so close to the display, Google will be able to measure how big they get when the “Join PLO” ad flashes in front of them, along with pictures of whom you can meet at Polish Ladies Online.

With the GPS sensor and built-in camera, Google will be able to serve you the most relevant ads. For example, if you’re sitting in a bar, drinking your fifth beer, you might see an ad for Penn State University (click here  or here to find out why Penn State). And if you’re drinking your tenth beer, you might see an ad for “Newt Gingrich for President.”

The built-in camera may eventually allow Google Maps to replace its static “Street View” with “Real-Time Street View.” If you want to see Main Street in Salisbury, Connecticut, for example, Google might be able to show you views from dozens of glasses on the street. You could take a virtual stroll with the town’s most famous resident, Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, as she walks her dog down Main Street. Of course, while “Real-Time Street View” will probably be free, Google will make you pay a small fee for “Real-Time Streep View.”

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A limerick

A flea and a fly in a flue,
Were imprisoned; now what could they do?
Said the fly, “Let us flee.”
“Let us fly,” said the flea,
And they flew through a flaw in the flue.

Wondering what happened next?

The fly carried the flea
And flew thru the flue
While the flea closed her eye
Since the flaw in the flue was high.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New wave

I got into a brand new technology - which is one step higher than what I've been doing for the past several years.  It's called 'In Memory Computing' and is on the bleeding edge. Today I took the exam and passed :-) I am now an SAP HANA Practitioner.

Using In Memory technology, management will get feedback right the moment when things are happening anywhere within their organization around the globe - amplified 3600 times faster than what is there today.

Watch this to get an idea.

Never mind, if you did not get it - just hire an SAP HANA Practitioner, and he'll explain all of it in under an hour.

Oh, studying was not all that easy (to me).  The 1000 + pages of material published in February became obsolete by March, and had to reprint the newer manuals again - that's how fast this technology is evolving. Staying caught up at that pace (with the talented younger generation) is sort of tricky.

Hidden opportunities


 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

Winston Churchill is widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the century. Yet, as World War II ended, his beloved country unceremoniously dumped him as its prime minister. This was indeed a severe blow and shame to someone who spent sweat and blood for his dear country.

Despite this rejection from very his own people, Churchill went on with his life. The following year Churchill  made the 'Iron Curtain Speech.' The world based its future policy on this very speech.  Churchill became a prolific writer of books, writing a novel, two biographies, three volumes of memoirs, and several histories in addition to his many newspaper articles. He was even awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. He returned as the prime minister for a second term and many years as the elder statesman of the free world.

Jesus Christ promises us, "In this world, you will have tribulation." If we decide to accept Jesus into our hearts and follow him, we will face many rejections, roadblocks, and even land mines in our life. Sometimes God puts these challenges there to teach us, to test us, or even to redirect us. It might even be a sign to say, "Take some rest, my child." We just have to learn to view these tragedies as opportunities to make our self stronger and to uncover greater opportunities and to get aligned with God's plan.

I am so blessed to have someone in my life, who inspires & reminds me with the exact same words - all the time!

Countdown: 12 days till Easter

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Proverbs Chapter 15

Apart from all those verses about 'the soothing tongue', just one verse stands out to me in Proverbs 15:

Better a small serving of vegetables with love, than a fattened calf with hatred.

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South Carolina

Here is something I just learned - am required to start a new assignment in Columbia, SC this week.  I was hoping I'll get some free time to sit around and get lazy - seems like that's not gonna happen.  The next thing that came to my mind is how will I bail out during the Holy Week - have to work around it now.

Columbia, SC is our neighboring state, and not too far.  It is again one of those places where I've to debate whether to fly or to drive.  Flights are not too frequent between Atlanta and Columbia and I may end up driving thru Augusta, GA - a 5 hour drive. 

Th first thing that comes to my mind about South Carolina is about the video below - you be the judge and I leave the rest to your imagination how my survival at SC will be.  

Question: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S on a world map. Why do you think this is?

Answer: I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq and everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uh, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, should help South Africa and should help Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our (children).

If you have an extra minute, just re-run the segment once again and check out how confident she is, while answering the question. Did you listen to the cheering crowd as well?

High school line problem

The following problem was given to a mathematician, a physicist and an engineer to solve:

A high school dance floor included a straight line down the middle dividing the floor in two equal halves. Boys were lined up against one wall and girls against the opposite wall, each facing the centre line. They were instructed to advance in stages towards the centre line every ten seconds, where the distance from the person to the centre line at each stage is equal to one-half the distance at the past stage.

For example, if the starting distance from the wall to centre line was D, the progressive series of distances at t = 0, 10 seconds, 20 seconds...10n seconds to the centre line is (D, D/2, D/4, D/8, .....D/2n)

The question is, when will they meet at the middle?

The mathematician said that they would never meet.

The physicist said they would meet when time equals infinity.

The engineer, based on his past experience said, "In one minute they would be close enough for all practical purposes."


Few words

Last year, various groups, for unknown reasons tried to find the 'most annoying' things people say. Below are the usual suspects.

Yada yada yada...
You know -
It is what it is!
At the end of the day...
Fairly unique!!
I personally...
At this moment in time...
With all due respect...
et cetera, et cetera...
It’s a nightmare!!
Let’s do lunch :-)
It’s not rocket science!!
Like -
So on and so forth....
Uh huh (slang for yes)
Ut uh (slang for no)


Delivering IT Projects

Here is the truth when it comes to delivering non-SAP IT projects

How the customer explained it

How the project leader understood it

How the analyst designed it

How the offshore programmer wrote it

What the testers received

How the business consultant described it

How the project was documented

What was installed by operations

How the software was supported

The disaster recovery plan

What marketing department advertised

How the customer was billed

What the customer really wanted

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Can you hear the knock

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me - Revelation 3:20

Mary's obedience and willingness allowed Jesus to be born inside her tummy. Let's take a moment and think how it would have been for Mary to carry Jesus in her tummy. She had to maintain her sanctity and obedience for Jesus to grow.

A mere exercise for me would be to follow Mary during her pregnancy - another 274 days till Christmas.  Suppose Jesus was born in my heart yesterday and if I had to carry him until December 25th (like a mother carrying a child), watching the food I eat, the words I choose, the thoughts of my mind, the places I visit, staying healthy, scheduling regular check ups, etc., how far would I be able to make it?

Jesus is waiting to come into our hearts - He's just outside the door knocking on it.  He needs our consent to enter our hearts.  If we allow and open up our minds, He will come inside.  Once He is inside, our next task is to maintain the purity within ourselves to keep Him there.

The heart of a faithful disciple is a dwelling place for Jesus. It has to be a sacred place. Jesus enters our hearts as an invited guest, but more than that, as our king and Lord. If we refuse to allow Him to sit down on the throne of our heart, then He will not consent to be our guest. He will leave.

Last year around this time, I stopped going to our church for few months. No offense, negative words, or finger pointing against anyone. I found no justice or truth existing at the place and I simply could not 'pretend' everything was ok.  My self consciousness did not allow me to go to a place where sanctity, righteousness, peace and truth did not prevail. It was extremely hard and painful for me not to go to a place I love the most. I tried my very best with my limited ability (to stay back), but in the end I realized that exiting such a place was the most appropriate and right thing to do - due to the absence of above mentioned factors.

If a normal person like me cannot stand certain circumstances and situations, think about the Lord of the universe - He will not stay in our hearts if it is not sacred, or if we want Him to leave (so that we could do other things).

Here is how we can make Jesus stay in our hearts. Treat him just like your bestest friend - someone with whom you can share anything and everything, anytime, anywhere with all the faith, in whose presence you find comfort, who provides you energy and support and is forever a well wisher. He knows everything even before you say it to Him, but appreciates when it comes from you.  Take Jesus wherever you go. Take Him to places He loves to visit, and let Him show you few things. He loves to pray to the Father regularly - give him company.  Sanctify your heart - to 'sanctify' means to make holy. Take extra care to make Jesus at home in your heart. Put Him on the throne. Give Him honor and glory. Love and obey Him. He will show you the true meaning of Love and being friends. He will criticize us if we wander off on the wrong path - that's only because He loves and cares. Jesus is someone whom we can trust the most; He will even give up His own life to save us if we are in danger - He has done it for all of us. He is willing to go everywhere with us. When in doubt, just ask Him. Talk to him - at first He only listens and does not speak at all; still continue talking. Later He will speak few short words. If you want Him to stay, He will stay - I promise.

Countdown: 13 days till Easter

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Proverbs Chapter 14

Few things I took note of, from Proverbs 14:

A woman who is wise builds her own house; it's visible the way she brings up her children and holds her family together.

An empty stable stays clean and is free of trouble; but in order to have abundant harvests, we need to have oxen in our stables.

If we are looking for advice, stay away from fools - those who won't face facts.

Goodwill is the common bond of godly people and their work will flourish.

It's only natural for a poor man to be despised by his own neighbors, while the rich have many friends.

Do not despise someone because they are poor - take good care of the poor and we'll be blessed.

Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting God, who created them. By helping the poor, we honour God.

A simple person believes whatever he/she is told and is crowned with folly.

The prudent ones give thought to their steps and are crowned with knowledge.

Reverence for God gives us great strength.

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Prayer for parents

Today I took some time to thank my parents for everything they ever did for me. No matter how much I thank them, it will never be sufficient. Wish I could give them a tight hug if they were near me, just to say, Thank You.

And, here is a short prayer that I came across:

Dear Lord!

Fill our parents with Your choicest blessings:
enrich their souls with Your Holy grace;
grant that they may faithfully and constantly
guard that likeness of Your union with Your Church,
which You did imprint upon them on their wedding day.

Fill them with Your spirit of holy fear,
which is the beginning of wisdom;
inspire them to impart it to their children.

May they ever walk in the way of Your commandments
and may we their children be their joy here on earth
and their crown of glory in heaven.

Finally, Lord God, grant,
that both our father and mother
may attain to extreme old age
and enjoy continuous health in mind and body.

May they give You abundant thanks
because You have bestowed upon them
the great gift of parenthood.




March 25th - the day we believe Angel Gabriel appeared to St. Mary and announced that she would conceive and give birth to the son of God. The reason it's Mar 25th - because it's 9 months before Christmas, Dec 25th.

Mary is one person whom I place a lot of importance in my life - because of the way she led her life. Just imagine how humble Mary would have been - she was selected to bear baby Jesus in her tummy. What a blessing to have the Lord of the universe in her tummy! If she did not give the consent to Angel Gabriel, Jesus would not have been born. Jesus would not have been crucified on the cross, Christianity would not have been a religion.

You and I, we would not have met at church.

Countdown: 14 days till Easter