Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heart Control

A wise and understanding heart does not repay a hurt with a hurt. In doing so, the heart is diminished. Fissures are formed. Love leaks out. Every pain given in return for one received, changes the contents of the heart. It is no longer defined by love, wisdom and understanding. It is redefined by the bearers of hurt and hate, pain and prejudice, meanness and madness, sorrow and sadness. You give away control of your very own heart.

The despair of being hurt is healed by overcoming it, not clinging to the hurt and inflicting more of it on the world. When darkness is added to darkness, no one can see, no one can love. Everyone loses.

Love is not always warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it's the integrity we hold on to when we're tempted to strike back. Sometimes it's the honor that keeps us from exchanging the valuable contents of our heart for the harsh satisfaction of lashing back.

The way of love is not always easy, but when night falls, dawn is assured. The integrity and honor of a wise and understanding heart, rises with the sun of a new day.

According to the Bible, it says, "Because you have asked for understanding to discern judgment. I have given you a wise and understanding heart." 1 Kings 3:11-12

We all should be living in love and loving life.

Let's try to control our heart & spread the message of love.


Past week

Dear Readers,

Past 5 days had been quite busy and I was unable to post anything here.  As I mentioned earlier, I started a new consulting assignment last Monday.  By 9:00 AM, there were two people waiting to see me who flew in from Europe.  The purpose of their visit was solely to bring me up to speed and to discuss the challenges they were facing.

Chris left for a Florida camp Monday morning as well, and at home, my wife was all alone.

Since day 1, I have been spending long hours at work and showing up early in the morning.  All week, I have been in meetings with others and had no time for myself at all.  As a result, I did not get sufficient time to check my personal emails nor post something here (but it was worrying me everyday on the back of my mind).  I had to decline several dinner meetings just to be home with my wife (who was alone).

By Thursday evening, the two ladies who came to meet me returned to Europe.  Friday I had some time to breathe, but lots of plan and organize at work.  Chris came back from his camp on Friday as well - said he had loads of fun.

Thank you for your patience and I missed posting something here as well (was too busy).

Felt like going fishing today morning :-) but decided to spend time with my family.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


"Just a minute, ref!," yelled the Netherlands goalkeeper. "That wasn't a goal".

And so did many others, during the goal in the 116 th minute of the Spain - Netherlands FIFA Finals.  Those Netherlands fans who were at my house also were of the same opinion as that of the goalkeeper.

"Oh, wasn't it?" shouted the referee from England. "You just watch the Sports Report on television tonight!"


Football Definitions

Spain lifted the FIFA World Cup for the first time during the 116th-minute by securing a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands.  It marks the end of this season until 2014.  With the Football (Soccer) fever now subsiding, here are few football (soccer) terms to think about:

Football: A game consisting of 22 skilled players, one impartial referee, two eagle eyed referee's assistants and one stupid ball.

Teammate: Another person that you have to dribble around

Fans: Two sets of absusive referees

Offside: The Bermuda Triangle area of the pitch where "innocent" players are drawn towards.

Scoring: When 11 men spontaneously start dancing and kissing, regardless of any injuries, whilst 11 others droop like wallflowers

Striker: Faultless, overpaid, box hogging layabout who only misses the goal when he is fed a bad ball

Defender: Player who's function is to commit fouls just outside of the penalty area

Ball: Round object used by referees to entice players into comitting fouls


Chicken or egg

Credits: Readers Digest

Table Manners - While Dining with God

Table manners at God's table:

You have to do your own chewing. Too many Christians expect God to take out a spoon and dish up the blessing for them. He is supposed to place it in our mouths, work our jaws to chew it up, and help us swallow it. We want God to do everything. The fact is that you have responsibility in God's sovereign world.

Accept the seating. Take the lowest seat, the seat of humility and service. If God wants you to sit higher up, He will show you that, but err on the side of humility, not pride.

Finish the meal. John 3:16 tells us, "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son." Some believe that because God has already come and died for the sins of the world, they don't have to do anything else. However, it's important to finish the phrase regarding man's responsibility: "whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." You must come to Him in order to receive the forgiveness that He purchased for you.

Read the menu. You must spend time reading what God has prepared. Read your Bible, meditate on the Word. It will give you strength and illumination according to God's plan for your life. It will keep you on course and remind you of your responsibilities in order to fulfill the plan of God.

Count the fruit. If you are not willing to bear fruit for Him, then He is not obligated to answer your requests, even if you ask things in His name. Jesus declares, "Everyone that the Father gives me will come to me, and anyone who comes to me I will never drive away" (John 6:37). The Holy Spirit inspires us to go to Jesus and do what He asks of us. His sovereignty makes the first move toward us, but because He gave us free will, we must move toward Him as well.