Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu makes it to US

Swine flu, that killed about 68 people in Mexico, has started to make it's round to the US. Twelve people have been diagnosed with it, here in the US.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) officials recommend the following common sense methods:
1. Wash your hands frequently,
2. Cover your cough or your sneeze,
3. Anyone with flu-like symptoms such as a sudden fever, cough or muscle aches should stay away from work or public transportation and should see a doctor to be tested.

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World's cheapest car in India

Tata Motors, based in India recently revealed the world's cheapest car called 'Nano'. The car is priced at $2,000 (IRS 1,00,000 = Indian Rupees 1 Lakh). Many say that it's one step above the auto-rikshaw, running on four wheels. Let's hope we see one during our next visit to the sub continent.
The trouble with Indian roads is that they are not expanding at the rate at which vehicles are increasing on the roads. The width of many roads remain the same, despite the large increase in the number or cars. This in turn creates traffic congestion, which all of us have experienced.
During one of my recent visits to Calcutta (Kolkota), I learned that auto-rikshaws are banned in the city, due to traffic congestion. Let's hope the roads in India improve, to accomodate more cars like Nano.

Class on Orthodoxy

Even though I'll be at church on May 3rd, there is a possibility that I may not be able to come to class on that day. Therefore for all practical purposes, this could be the last lecture we have for this year. This lecture will complete our Sunday school syllabus as well. Based on what several of you have told me, for many of you, this will mark the end of Sunday school learning.

I just finished preparing my lecture for tomorrow's class on orthodoxy. I am planning to take all of you to our church sanctuary and conduct the class out there. It will provide us the right setup to talk about orthodoxy and show you what our tradition means. I'll do my best to make your last class a memorable one, and also try to leave a long lasting impression about orthodoxy. Let's meet in our class, and then move towards the sanctuary.

Look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

Our new Diocese and Metropolitan

As of April 1, we fall under the South West US Diocese.

Our Diocesean Bishop is H. G. Alaxios Mar Eusebius Metropolitan. HG is expected to arrive here in the US mid May.

Below is the resume of His Grace.
H.G. Alexios Mar Eusebios, 45, is a member of St. George Orthodox Church, Puthoor, Kollam diocese. He hails from Vattakkattu family, Puthoor, and is the fourth son of late. Y. Daniel and.Chinnamma Daniel. He completed his B.Sc (Kerala University), LL.B (Bangalore University), GST (Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam), BD (Serampore University), M.Th (St. Peter's Pontifical Institute of Theology, Bangalore), Diploma in Biblical Geography (Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem) and Research Study in Old Testament (Federich Alexander University Germany). HG is pursuing Doctoral Research in the Old Testament at the St. Peter's Pontifical Institute of Theology, Bangalore. In 1995, H. H Baselious Mathews II ordained him to the priesthood.

Obama bows to Saudi King

The above picture of President Obama bowing to Saudi king did not surface here in the US. Many created a big fiasco over this, saying that the American president was bending his knees before a Saudi King.
Personally, I think this is the way one dignitary greets another. Just like how one would bow when he/she would meet a Japanese person, or greet the Pope when they met. Stop the low level thinking, and think high, folks.


We have one more class remaining at our Sunday school.

Let's cover orthodoxy in that class. Most of us know the meaning of the word, but almost none of know what those core values are.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Car accidents

On Easter Sunday, 22 year old Aimee Michael went out to get some cake and ice cream. She caused a chain of accidents near the airport, where 5 people were killed. Aimee did not report the incident, and went home. Now, police have caught her and she is behind bars, without even a bail to come out.

In case you run into an accident here is what you should and should not do:
1. Call your parents and explain what happend - they are the ones who will guide you.
2. Call and inform the police.
3. Call and inform your insurance agency.
4. Make a list of all the cars involved - make, year, model, state and license plate etc.
5. Get names, addresses, drivers license number and phone numbers of people involved.
6. Do not admit mistake or responsiblity about the accident to anyone at the scene, except police. Just answer the questions you've been asked for, by the officer.
7. Never discuss how much insurance coverage you have or what you do not have.
8. Stay safe inside your car.

You also need to carry a good pencil, piece of paper/notebook in your car always, to make notes.

Graduate school rankings

America's Best Graduate School Rankings 2010 was published on April 23rd. It's available here. The rankings are based on surveys and other statistical indicators to assess college faculty, research facilities, students, and other related information. This is the most popular ranking system for colleges.

Similar to this, they have an undergraduate ranking list as well. The next time you are at a bookstore, take a look at US News magazine. It has most of the rankings you need for undergraduate studies.

Keep track of these schools, and check out your area of interest.