Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Updates coming up

Hope all of you had a Happy Easter. Easter has turned out to be just another celebration these days, and I sometimes feel that people do not get the complete picture. Most of us, we process it as another old story and move on.

All of us have lost some of our loved ones or dear ones to death. Remember how sad we were, because we could not talk to, have any more fun, with that person. If we got a phone call today, saying that our beloved person who died recently came back to life, how would we react? Hard to believe, excitement, joy, thanking God, wondering how this is possible, eager to meet that person, touch that person, spend time with that person etc - Isn't it? That was the excitement everyone had, when Jesus Christ came back from the dead.

I was out all of last week, since wednesday evening and have not had a chance to update this page. Had to do catching up at home and work.

Soon, I'll have updates for you.

Meanwhile, all of you winners must have received the grades from talent competition in your parents' email. If not, please ask me, and I'll be glad to mail them over.