Saturday, March 21, 2009

Talent Competition Updates

Below are the updates on our talent competition:

Last day to enroll - Sunday, Mar 22nd.
If you are interested in Bible Verse Writing, that will be held tomorrow.

Items for talent competition on Mar 29th:
Solo Song - Eng/Mal - with/without background music
Group Song
Elocution topic 1: The role of youth in our church
Elocution topic 2: Christian Stewardship

Click here to get a copy of the actual guidelines I received. It's your responsibility to read the guidelines for the event you are participating in.

So far, from our class, Mariya, Jake, Jiby, Kevin T, and Kevin V have signed up for elocution. Anybody wants to participate in other events, let me know at the earliest.

If you need any help from me towards talent competition, just know that I am around and available.

Arranged marriages go hi-tech

Arranged Marriages have gone Hi Tech in the recent past. Here is an article that appeared about an year ago on CNN. Below are the highlights of this article:

  • Parents are willing to find a spouse for you.
  • Parents started creating online profiles for their 'eligible' child; some even video profiles.
  • Phone calls are seen on the rise between potential matches.
  • Banks in India were competing to give you matrimony loans (this article is an year old)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Speech on Good Friday

Today I heard that I could have an opportunity to speak at Church on Good Friday. Another 3 weeks to go to for that task. Hopefully I'll be able to do a decent job.

Since you guys have heard me over and over in class, any feedback you could provide will be helpful. That would be a difficult task for you - ain't it? You can tell me things like -
(a) do not speak in malayalam; we cannot fully understand it,
(b) don't make us bored by talking for an hour unless we are sitting there comfortably,
(c) please don't quote us by name while you talk - that will embarass us,
(d) don't use reference material - you'll lose the audience,
(e) kindly pick a subject that all of us will benefit from,
(f) all of the above.

Can you also grade me how I do, so that next time I can improve on those items I did not score well. I like people criticizing me on my weakness, so that I have a chance on improving them. Would appreciate, accomodate and welcome any suggestion towards improvement.

'Trust' at workplace

Remember a short while ago, I mentioned about a challenge I had at work. Today I just finished a presentation with the Senior Management and things went quite well. They stopped me ten minutes into the presentation and asked me if I was fully convinced with the idea. If I was, then they were too!! They allocated six figure funds (in this economy!) towards this cause and the meeting was over. Now my next task is to oversee the execution of the project in a timely fashion - another hurdle.

One important lesson I have learned while working in Corporate America (and that's what I want to share with you) is that we need to develop 'Trust' among those whom we work with. It's quite difficult to cultivate that 'Trust', and even harder to maintain that 'Trust'. Nobody believes us at first - that's how Corporate America is made up of. You will, by all means, stand out among the crowd, if you have those core values which are highly appreciated (and rare) in any civilization.

I feel really excited and am quite tired after all those long hours of work. Will probably go to bed early today. I am extremely thankful to God for all the guidance & wisdom He provided - truly I'll tell you, I was being guided by God all this while.

Look forward to meeting you this Sunday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mid Lent & Golgotha

We had mid lent prayers yesterday at church. During the middle of the Holy Qurbana, the wooden cross, also known as Golgotha was placed in the middle of the church. Many of us have seen this wooden cross, but only few us know it’s significance.

The Golgotha is placed there for two reasons:
1. To remind us that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins on the wooden cross.
2. To remind about the brass serpent Mosses raised in the midst of the camp when people were bitten by poisonous snakes. Whoever looked at this brass serpent was saved.

The significance of placing the Golgotha in the middle of the church, versus any other part is because:
(a) It’s believed that Jesus was crucified at the exact center of the earth
(b) Mosses raised the brass serpent at the exact center of the camp where the general assembly was held.

When we enter the church, we are supposed to go near the Golgotha first, kiss the garment and then stand at our regular place. Also, while we leave the Church, we are supposed to kiss the garment on the Golgotha before we leave home.

Related to this topic, if you have a keen eye for observation, you’ll notice the garment on the Golgotha has two colors – red and black. The colors are there for another reason which you’ll learn later on.

Due to heavy traffic, I could reach there only at 6:50 PM, and later learned that due to thin attendance, we started little after 6:30 PM. I skimmed thru the audience and saw two faces from our class – Kevin Thomas and Mariya Tom.

Oh Yeah - I also got to pinch few who were not wearing green and reminded them of St. Patrick's day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

BRS - a final request

Believe it or not - the BRS saga has come to an end. For many of you, this could be the last BRS you ever did in your life.

I am happy and proud of each one of you for doing a marvellous job in terms of turning in all those 10 assignments. Many times I had to follow up with you to get your input, but I look at it as my responsibility and part of my job that I undertook. From your perspective, you can now say, "Yes, I did it 100%", and be satisfied.

From here on, you are on your own when it comes to BRS (Bible Reading & Study). I am confident you'll embrace the Bible and study it all by yourself, when situations in life demand you to. You'll find the Bible soothing and actually 'talking' to you when difficult situations arise. May the Bible serve as a lamp to your feet and a light to your future path.

Let me disclose it to you that there is lot of work being done, 'behind the scenes' and several individuals have worked hard towards this cause. However, none of them expect any favors in return, from your end. Let's take one second of our time - a mere one second, and say, "Thank You" in our minds, for those who worked behind this and made it a reality.

Finally, one humble request:
Pass on the information you learned about the Bible to your future generation and share those wonderful experiences you had with our God.