Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marriage Part 1

Marriage is one of my favorite topics for discussion. At church, it is one of our most important sacraments. The formation of a family by the union of a man and woman calls for great celebration. Marriage is a very beautiful ceremony and is looked upon with great significance in all religions across the globe.

Below are some of the topics that are covered in our textbook.

  • Marriage was instituted by God
  • The graces of marriage
  • Marriage caters to a biological need
  • Divorce
  • Married state creates realm of love

However, in our class, we will be taking a slightly different route and let’s explore this topic beyond what’s mentioned in our textbook.

First, we will begin our journey through the Old Testament times; look at how marriages were conducted. Then, we’ll explore through the New Testament times and finally arrive at modern times including same sex marriage. We’ll review the responsibilities of both husband and wife. Then we’ll discuss some of the characteristics of a good marriage.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Past week

I’ve not posted anything on our class blog this week and you must probably be wondering why. Given the current economic climate, it’s awfully difficult to survive at workplace. In the recent months, due to financial crunch, the company I am consulting for, lost almost 70% of their stock value (if you know what that means). They’ve shut down several plants (factories) and hundreds of people working at those locations lost their jobs.

During such hard times, every company suspends their consulting services. Three of the projects I was supposed to work on, got cancelled due to ‘non availability of funds’. It means that in the near future they would not be able to afford me and I’ll have to look for work elsewhere.

That’s when, this past week, I identified something that would be of great value for my client here. I have discovered a way my client could save few million dollars right away. I am exceptionally new to this concept, but based on what little I told them, they are enormously interested in this concept. They now want me to show them this path. The challenge in front of me is to learn something totally new in a matter of days and be a ‘world class expert’ at it, thereby solving their problem. I am spending every minute I can, researching, reading, and experimenting this method. The highest officers at my company are looking at me with great hope, and I don’t want to disappoint them.

I totally attribute this discovery to God’s wisdom and pray that I learn as much as I can, in the short timeframe. Moreover, I pray that the path I am currently on turns out to be successful at the end. So…. that’s where I’ve been spending most of my time.... and why I’ve been so quiet. As I write this up (still at work 6:35 PM Friday), I am waiting to hear back from an individual in Sweden.

Coming back to where we left off, we have BRS # 9 due this Sunday. I went over the original questions and you guys can answer all of them, I suppose. Please ignore the circling on maps - we don't need it (isn't that map already circled in red?). If you have additional questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll help you out. You know how to reach me.

We’ll cover the chapter on marriage and I need to prepare notes on that chapter – will get to it soon.

Hopefully all of you had a good week. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday :-)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kevin's speech and today's BBS

All of us wanted Kevin Varghese to succeed in today's BBS. He did not let us down. Today, Kevin represented our class and delivered a speech on Great Lent. Few observations I made on Kevin's speech:
  1. Kevin has a pretty good voice.
  2. The topic Kevin picked was most appropriate as our Great Lent starts tomorrow.
  3. The speech was short and sweet.
  4. The pace at which he talked was just right.

Kevin has come a long way in terms of presenting the speech - Good Job, Kevin.

Today concludes our BBS for this school year - few of you used the opportunity wisely and sharpened your skills in certain areas. I feel BBS is a superb platform where one can afford to make mistakes, learn from one's mistakes, see others perform as well as learn from others success.

While we wave good bye to BBS this year, let us thank those dedicated Sunday School officers who worked hard, behind the scenes, to make BBS a reality. Class, believe me, there are several individuals apart from the ones you see 'on stage' who worked extremely hard to make sure BBS was held on a particular date, there were no scheduling conflicts, there were enough participants, everyone was communicated in advance, availability of participants and chairperson were checked, ensured the technical tools were there, and finally provided you with a venue and opportunity to grow.