Monday, January 5, 2009

Teen drivers and cell phones

In our last class, we talked about most of you getting driving permits. Below is an article I read about teens using cell phones while driving and thought of sharing it with you:

Highlights from the article:

If the bill becomes law, violators would face a fine of $175 and the addition of a point on their license on their first offense, and a $500 fine and two points to their license with a second offense.

Those found to be using their phones at the time of an accident would receive an automatic 90-day suspension of their licenses and a six-month license suspension for a second such infraction.

Car crashes are the leading causes of death for young drivers aged 15-19, according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

BRS # 6 - Due Jan 11


BRS is back after a short break, and it's been emailed to you. It's due by next Sunday. While reviewing the questions, I noticed this time the questions are not exactly from the Bible (BRS stands for Bible Reading & Study). Not sure why they deviated from Bible this time.

I can accept electronic answers. In your email, include BRS number and your name for convenience. Example: Jake Jacob - BRS 6.

I did some research for you guys (so that you can finish it quickly) and all answers can be found at the websites below.

Answers for questions 1 thru 6 can be found at:

Answer to question 7 can be found at:

Answer to question 9 is available at:

I am sure you guys know the answers to qns. 8 & 10.

Have a nice week.