Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Class, 

So far, we are doing well in terms of our practice and preparation.  I would say, we are ready to stage our play.  

As far as costumes are concerned, we have most of our costumes in our class.  Some minor adjustments have been communicated to those who need it.  If you have taken any costumes home, please make sure you bring them tomorrow to church and inform me - I have a checklist to cross them off.  

Today evening, I played our recordings at my home theater, and that's fine too.  We are not 100% perfect, but what we have will work for now.  It's good and all of you did a wonderful job recording.  

Relax tonight and get a good night sleep.  You have a long day tomorrow.  

After church tomorrow, stop by our class and let's assemble as a team and go over the play once again, and clarify any outstanding doubts.  If any of you feel we need to practice, I'll be glad to hold those.  

Parents - Thank you for all your support and co operation in getting this far.  Between school exams and other activities, we know you had a tough time bringing kids to practice and arranging your schedule accordingly - we highly appreciate it.  Our program is towards 3/4th of the Christmas program.  We hope tomorrow you'll be in the audience watching our class perform.  Kindly consider this mail as an invitation to come attend your child perform.  

See you all tomorrow at Church.  

Jacob Cherian

Monday, December 15, 2008

Concentrate on your exams

Due to your exams this week, I will not be contacting any you for the next few days. School Exams are very important and I want all of you to concentrate on it. Move the Sunday school stuff down on your priority list.

We are pretty much ahead of the curve on our deliverables and practice. Yesterday, our class turned in a draft copy of our sound recording and met the deadline of Dec 14th. Thanks to all your efforts last couple of days in helping us with it. We now have a working sound track (I am not 100% satisfied with it, since it has some disturbances, but in the worst case we'll use it).

If time permits, I would like to re-record 3 areas - which we'll talk the next time we meet.

Good Luck on your Exams.

Stay healthy and out of trouble.