Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Class on Sept 14th

We had our first class at the new campus. Kevin Thomas started off the class with a prayer thanking God for our new facility. It was really nice of Kevin to have this thought.

After the long wait, Jeevan John arrived at our class finally and gave us an introduction. We welcomed him to our group. I stepped out for few minutes so that the rest of the class could educate Jeevan about our class in my absence. Jeevan can be contacted at Maymol showed up for the first class, and we welcomed her as well.
Jake had driving lessons and could not make it to the class. Hope Jake is doing well at his driving lessons. I really appreciate what Jake did - i.e., giving advance notification about missing today's class. It is an excellent way of communication and shows how serious a person is and will certainly gain the respect of others. This is something I want you all to learn in your life so that you become responsible citizens. Good work Jake!! Note that Jake will be out next Sunday as well.

Nimi missed the class and I have not heard from her. I saw Nimi's parents at church and am wondering what happened to Nimi - maybe she has a game of soccer. From now on, let's all do our best to avoid no call, no show.

We are running short of one text book. I gave out the last textbook to Jeevan. Maymol does not have one. Maymol, I shall make necessary arrangements so that you get one. You are excused from reading the textbook next week :-) The text book has changed from last year and we may have to work on an alternate solution.

We talked about the true cross of Jesus Christ, how Queen Helena discovered it on September 14th and where the actual cross can be found. This was not in our syllabus, but I decided to cover it based on today's significance. I am impressed the way all of you were paying attention from begining to end and could tell you found the story to be fascinating. If anybody wants to learn more about this topic, I'll be glad to share more information.

We observed Onam at church last sunday. Jiby and Maymol wore traditional dresses. Few students signed up to speak about Onam during the general session, but none from our class. I had sent out a detailed email regarding Onam and it's origin last week. Did you guys know about Onam before? What did your parents tell you about Onam?

In an effort to save trees, I'll be giving out the minimal amount of handouts on paper. Most of your material will be sent out electronically. Print it out only if it is an absolute necessity. Also, please try to print on the back side of old/used printouts. This is another way of saving papers and trees - a good habit.

We'll have a mini library in our class. What kind of books do you like to see in the library - let me know. I encourage all of you to have a gmail account. Those of you do not have one, please start one and let me know. This is to add you to our classroom blog. Jake, Jeevan and Maria already have gmail accounts.
There was an error in today's attendance entry - the date was incorrectly marked as Aug 31. Our Sunday school secretary Sithara Aunty caught it and corrected it for us. When I heard this, I felt that it was an error on my side. Hereafter, I'll stop the practice of letting you students mark the attendance register and will do this task myself - just to be accurate. As a class, let's try to be as accurate as possible.

I read an interesting piece of news today. In DeKalb county, when kids missed their school, parents were arrested and send to jail. Our old church located in clarkston fell under DeKalb county. I wonder if Stone Mountain has such regulations for their Sunday school. I am not worried about our class since you all show up for classes.

Wish you all a safe week ahead. See you next Sunday.